Cedar Wood Essential Oil In Hair Care

Ayurveda introduced the world to the mystic powers of various essential oils. These marvelous fluids are truly a blessing as they are brimmed with multiple therapeutic and medicinal properties which work wonders on the body.

Cedar wood essential oil is known for its calming, sedating effects on the mind. Widely used in aromatherapy, this wild essential oil is slowly making its place in the list of natural beauty products. The wondrous properties of this natural oil seem to cast a magical spell on the tresses. Brimmed with vitamin A, B, C, E, and F, it is a blessing for the hair and skin.

Benefits of Cedar Wood Essential Oil for Hair 

Treat your Hair loss Problem

Hair loss is a serious problem that can literally take away your peace of mind. Fortunately, there are some natural and cost-effective ways to deal with this problem.

Cedar wood essential oil stimulates the hair follicles and promotes blood circulation in the scalp thus contributing to hair growth and reduced hair loss. Ayurveda highly recommends the use of essential oils to treat hair loss, thinning hair and various types of alopecia. Cedar wood oil fused with thyme, rosemary and lavender improve hair growth and is widely used in hair loss treatment.

Dry scalp

Dry scalp is the root cause of many nightmares when it comes to the hair. It can cause dandruff, itching, hair fall and make the hair dull and frizzy. Cedar wood essential oil comes to aid in this crisis. It nourishes the dry scalp by stimulating the scalp and regulating the production of natural oil. Ladened with antifungal and moisturizing properties it provides great nourishment to the hair.

Treats Seborrhoeic Eczema

Seborrhoeic Eczema is a common scalp condition caused by the malfunction of the skin’s sebaceous glands which results in scaly patches and red skin on the scalp. The increase of sebum production causes an infection of the epidermal cells which causes raised, inflamed, itchy and flaking rashes. 

Cedar wood essential oil aids in the treatment of seborrhoeic eczema due to its healing, antiseborrheic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cedar wood not only helps to treat this condition, it also aids in soothing the associated symptoms. 

How to add Cedar wood essential oil in your daily hair care regime?

As we have already unveiled the many benefits of this supernatural fluid for your strands, let’s check out the easy breezy ways to add this to your hair care regime. Here we have assembled some ways to enjoy the benefits of Cedar wood essential oil:

Hair serum – Cedar wood essential oil can promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp.

Scalp Massage Oil – It helps to relax, unwind and calm the mind so that you can get peaceful sleep, which is also important for healthy hair.

Combing with Cedar wood Oil – A few drops of cedarwood oil onto your comb/hair brush helps to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow to the hair follicles that gets nourished by the nutrients and water in the blood.

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