There’s a popular saying, “The greatest wealth is health”. Indeed, health is the main asset of human life. To live life to the fullest one should have good immune health. Unfortunately, the civilized and technological society in which we live, it isn’t that easy! Contamination is a quite common word we get to hear daily. Right from the air we breathe, to water and food we consume there’s at least a minimal impurity. The consequence of which our immune systems are weaker compared to the ancient days’ people.

Out of plenty of immunity boosters available in the market, Chyawanprash is one of the best. It’s an ancient ayurvedic medicine that is commonly used even today! Regular consumption of this medicine helps in the holistic development of a body. One of the main reasons this is widely used even in the modern days is it serves multipurpose. It ain’t be wrong if we say “Prevention is better than cure” is the principle behind the invention of this herbal medicine. It is one of the healthy foods to consume by any age group people without consulting a doctor. Thus serves the purpose more than just medicine.


Ingredients of Chyavanprash:

The main component of this herbal jam is Amla (Indian Gooseberry) which is known for its enriched vitamin C. As vitamin C is a very essential anti-oxidant for a human body it acts as an immune defence against infections and diseases. The perfect cooked blend of a variety of herbs, sesame oil, ghee, honey, and sugar along with amla results in a yummy nutritious jam. Sesame oil, honey, and ghee help in penetrating herbs into the human cells, thus serves as catalyst agents. Sugar acts as a preservative substance protecting the main ingredient amla. It tastes unique and different due to the mixture of sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter nature of the used ingredients. It is prepared using the procedures mentioned in Ayurvedic texts.

Chyawanprash is a special food found by an ancient sage named Chyawan to restore one’s youth. The recipe of Chyawanprash is extracted from the oldest ayurvedic text called Charaka Samhita. The recipe is also explained in many other ancient Ayurvedic texts with few variations being made to the base (original) recipe. Using the same preliminary components with slight changes in preparation procedures has made possible for the variety of Chyawanprash.  Sugar-free Chyawanprash is also available which is more preferred by aged people.


Health Benefits:

If there could be a synonym for Chyavanprash, the phrase immunity booster suits well. Below are a few of the health benefits one can obtain from Chyawanprash:

•Daily intake of this herbal medicine boosts one’s ability to generate white blood cells and haemoglobin.

•Amla helps in the removal of harmful toxins and thereby protects the liver, blood, respiratory system, and the digestive system.

•Chyawanprash helps in building body strength by strengthening the muscle tissues.

•It’s one of the best anti-ageing nutritious foods which aid in rejuvenation.

•Acts as a shield to the body against the infectious viruses, bacteria, dust, weather change and thereby, protecting from cough and cold.

•Phytonutrients and vitamin C in Chyawanprash fight against skin dryness improve skin complexion and also provides clearer glowing skin.

•Protects the heart by strengthening its muscles, enhancing its pumping ability, and also provides enough oxygen to the brain by improving blood circulation throughout the body.

•Saponins and Phytonutrients in Chyawanprash help to reduce the cholesterol level which reduces the risk of colon cancer.

• Helps battle against diseases like chronic cough, Asthma, headache, weak eyesight, Tuberculosis, Insomnia, Dementia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anemia, indigestion, memory loss, heart diseases, recurrent colds, blood disorders, etc.




How and when to use Chyavanprash?

It can be consumed directly, followed by warm milk.  It goes well with bread or chapatti too. For adults taking 1 teaspoon twice a day (morning and evening) is recommended. However, for children (>3 years) 1 teaspoon either morning or evening is suggested. Being an ancient herbal medicine it causes no side effects. Still, those who’re allergic to a certain type of herb, and it’s used as an ingredient in Chyawanprash are advised to consult any health practitioner before using.

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