Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic jam prepared by an amalgam of almost 50 ayurvedic herbs. It is traditionally used as an immunity booster which helps prevent flu like diseases during the monsoon season. This ayurvedic jam is the best complete body rejuvenator in Ayurveda. As a result it was widely prescribed by ayurvedic doctors during the early days of covid-19 as an immunity booster to help prevent this disease. Over the last few years a lot of research has been done to test the efficacy of this ayurvedic elixir in prevention and treatment of covid-19. Now the results are out and most of them have shown positive results.


Dabur India Limited conducted a clinical study in five different institutions in four cities across India namely Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune and Jaipur. A total of 721 healthy participants were enrolled of which 696 people completed the study. A total of 351 people were given Chyawanprash every day and another 345 were a part of the control group. Other restrictions and preventive measures were constant for both sides. The study was conducted for a period of 90 days. Over the period of 90 days only 8 of the 351 people who regularly consumed Dabur Chyawanprash tested positive for covid-19 while 99 of the 345 people who did not consume the ayurvedic jam tested positive. The number of people who tested positive in the control group was almost 7 times (28.57% compared to 2.38) more than the ones who took Chyawanprash daily. The results clearly showed that regular consumption of Chyawanprash helps prevent covid-19 disease.

This study was conducted by following all the regulations laid out by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and WHO (World Health Organization). Efforts were made to ensure all subjects complied with other preventive measures like social distancing, hand sanitizing and wearing masks amongst other protocols.


Another scientific study was conducted by Chaudhary Brahm Praskash Ayurvedic Charak Sansthan on 200 covid-19 negative health care workers in Delhi. This is an ayurvedic hospital run by the Government of Delhi. In this study the subjects were divided into two sets of 100. The study group of 100 health care workers was administered 12 grams of Chyawanprash two times a day. First dose in the morning was administered at least one hour before breakfast and the second dose two hours after dinner with warm water. The restrictions and other covid-19 preventive measures were maintained constant for both groups.

This study was conducted for 30 days and no subject in the group that consumed Chyawanprash daily tested positive for covid-19 under RT-PCR testing. The subjects in the study group and control group were followed up after two months and the number of people who turned positive in the controlled group was twice as much as the ones who turned positive in the study group which had Chyawanprash. The ones who turned positive from the Chyawanprash group were 100% asymptomatic. Though the conclusion of the study recommended a bigger study to reassert the facts, this does show the efficacy of Chawanprash in improving immunity and preventing covid-19.


The above studies do confirm the efficacy of Chyawanprash in preventing covid-19 but the fact of the matter is the base material for Chyawanprash is sugar candy or jaggery. This makes it a no go for diabetic patients. Sugar free versions of Chyawanprash are offered by many ayurvedic companies but are they as effective as the original?

To help diabetes patients and health/sugar intake conscious consumers few Indian researchers conducted a clinical study on the efficacy of sugar free Chyawanprash in not only preventing covid-19 but also in treating mild and moderate covid-19 cases. The study was conducted on 90 covid-19 patients with mild and moderate symptoms. Sugar free Chyawanprash and another ayurvedic formulation ICB03 were used to treat the patients. This study titled “RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED CLINICAL TRIAL TO EVALUATE THE POTENTIAL OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINES IN PATIENTS WITH MILD SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19” was published in the ‘European Journal for Molecular and Clinical Medicine’.  The results showed 50% of the patients were relieved from breathlessness, fatigue and cough in just 7 days. The study concluded Chyawanprash Sugar free is an effective adjuvant for treating mild and moderate cases of covid-19 and is also a potent immunity booster.


A study in the ‘International Journal of Drug Development’ titled “Determination of Free Radical Scavenging Activity in Herbal Supplement: Chyawanprash” proved Chawanprash to be a powerful immunity booster against viral diseases like Covid-19 virus.

Another study titled “Effect of Sonachandi Chyawanprash and Chyawanprash Plus–two herbal formulations on immunomodulation.” Also establishes Chawanprash as a powerful immunity booster which empowers the cytokines and the lymphocytes.


All these clinical studies and scientific researches have restablished Chyawanprash as one of the best immunity boosters which can be administered to improve overall immunity and help in the prevention of covid-19 disease. It might even help treat mild versions of the disease as an adjuvant.

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