Wound Management

Cinth oil: Best ayurvedic medicine for wound healing

CINTH oil is one of the best ayurvedic medicines which heal all sorts of wounds with its outstanding healing properties. CINTH oil delivers the extraordinary healing power and is well-known as an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and best for soothing. Cinth oil is an oil made of herbal extracts that help to speed up the healing process of the cuts and wounds.

Doctors advise that CINTH oil should be an every household product that will help in emergency situations. In new wounds, the pain eases within a few minutes after the applying of CINTH. Healing is observed in a day or two.  Apply three or four times a day, the effects can be observed in a short period and without any complications like pain, swelling, or pus. Cinth oil is available in different pack sizes of 15ml; 30 ml; and 100 ml. Doctors strictly mention that CINTH oil is only for external use and should not be applied to the eye or for internal use.

Applications of Cinth Oil

OId infected wounds

Clean the wound thoroughly to remove pus, etc. and apply CINTH oil as a thin layer. The pain and swelling disappear in one day and healing starts in a short period of time. In the case of sepsis, antibiotics can be given along with the CINTH oil application.

In chronic non-healing ulcers (diabetics and/or patients with varicose veins) using CINTH, as mentioned above, even in the worst cases, completely recover within a maximum of three weeks.

Bedsores and Gas – gangrene

CINTH oil is used for the total healing of bedsores in a short span of time.


On the immediate application of CINTH in the case of new superficial burns, burning sensation reduces in a few minutes, redness will disappear and scar formation is claimed to NOT occur!

In skin burns, after the CINTH application, the burning sensation disappears in one day and total healing without pain is observed for a maximum of one week.

In the case of old blisters, CINTH oil, the healing process is seen within a few days, the dead skin is peeled off and new ones have formed.



If paronychia has just begun, a drop of CINTH will prevent it from getting worse.

If the finger has become very infected and is seriously ill, carefully remove the pus and place a small piece of cotton dipped in CINTH oil on the infected place and retain the cotton in place. Pain, redness, and swelling disappear in a day and the fingers become normal in about two days.


Total healing will be observed in three days after the application. And there will be no recurrence.

Shingles (Herpes Zoster, Sarpasutu)

When using CINTH, shingles will be treated within a week. Even in old cases the pain and burning are fully treated with CINTH.


In rheumatoid arthritis, pain and swelling are fully felt with the help of the CINTH oil.


Pain and swelling of gout reduce with CINTH oil.


CINTH oil is also been claimed to be effective in preventing the itching and rashes developed due to insect bites or stings of bee, wasp, flies, ant, mosquito, etc when applied immediately after bite or sting.

Due to its anti-inflammatory property, CINTH oil is also reported to be effective in relieving pain in muscle sprains.

It is only for EXTERNAL APPLICATION, and avoid contact with eyes. If accidentally the CINTH oil comes in contact with eyes, immediately instill few drops of fresh breast milk if available or instill few drops of water with Tulsi seeds. 

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