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Dandruff is one of the most trivial issues that pays a visit to most of us at least once in life.

While girls dread the idea of dandruff, guys too like to keep it at bay. However, with scores of information floating on the net, passing through the ear, baffles our mind with all the to do’s and not to do’s…

When it comes to treating dandruff everyone turns into a doctor with their own stories of fascinating tricks and hacks. But after all the labour and effort it hardly lessens a flake.

With such unlimited supply of unIdirectionalinformation, one is left scratching their head ,thinking about the best option to opt for.  And all this while the yeast and bacteria gets ample time to grow, thrive and spread.

Also, all the claims and hypes highlighted with such flare and gaiety are hardly proven for their efficacy and safety. As such dumping your hair with all the dubious products often does more harm than good.

To end this full cycle of suffering and disappointment with pocket drilling products,   AyurCentral introduced easy, simple and proven Ayurvedic solution that not just clears the dandruff and cleans the scalp but it nourishes the hair as well.

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