Ayurveda is the most primitive science that enlightened the way to a happy and healthy life. Traversing through time back to 5000 years, written traces of this wisdom can be found. However, Ayurveda is way older than this as it started as an oral tradition, with the knowledge being passed down by the rishis from generation to generations.

One such amazing formulation of the Ayurvedic tradition is the Dashamula, which literally translates to ten roots. As the name indicates, this decoction is made by blending ten auspicious roots of nutrient brimming plants. This semi-solid rasayana is prepared by fusing equal parts of Agnimantha, Bilwa, Bruhati, Gokshura, Kantakari, Kashmari, Patala, Prushniparni, Shaliparni and Shyonaka.

Its medicinal value encompasses an unending list including cough, bronchitis, breathing troubles, asthma, common cold, rhinitis, persistent hiccup, phthisis, hoarseness (hoarse voice), chronic fever, anorexia, abdominal lump, bloating, and flatulence. It is widely used to treat many conditions related to nerves, muscles, bones, and joints including pain disorders and inflammatory diseases related to the musculoskeletal system.

This poly-herbal concoction is bestowed with a multitude of medicinal properties including:

  • Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic nature helps to combat swelling, tenderness, fever, and pain.
  • The anti-rheumatic or anti-arthritic attributes aid in fighting arthritis and other chronic issues related to bones.
  • The antispasmodic property helps in relieving pain and curing muscle spasms.
  • Its adaptogenic nature stabilizes physiological processes and helps in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Its neuroprotective and anti-paralytic capabilities are effective in treating disorders of the central nervous system. It unblocks neuromuscular transmission at the neuromuscular junction and cures paralysis.
  • It acts as a uterine tonic and uterine detoxifier which works wonder for the women reproductive system. They are often used to prepare women for easier childbirth by toning the muscles of the uterus. They can also be used to address menstrual problems.
  • Anti-Oxidant properties aids in free radical scavenging that prevent multiple signs of aging.
  • This antipyretic drug is very beneficial for soothing fever and cough.

Multitude of health benefits offered by Dashamula Rasayana:

For a healthy intestine
This mystic poly-herbal decoction is used as an enema to help remove toxins from the gastro-intestinal tract and the kidneys. Consumption of Dashamula rasayana fights constipation, improves the health of intestines and regulates urine flow. It is a natural remedy for flatulence, bloating and intestinal problems.

For well-behaving lungs
Dashamula rasayana is enthroned with expectorant, nervine, analgesic, antitussive and febrifuge actions. It reduces inflammation of the airways, relaxes and dilates the bronchi, and eases breathing. It has been used to treat bronchitis and cough since ages. This amazing formulation promotes healthy expectoration and respiration while supporting the proper function of the lungs.

For curing pain and inflammation
It is used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, fever, emaciation, rheumatoid arthritis, bleeding diseases, urinary infection, gulma, anemia, and ailments of liver. This vata pacifying Ayurvedic compound aids in curing lower back conditions and inflammation in the pelvic and sacral areas. It also reduces pain occurring in lower limbs (thigh, legs, and feet).

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