Easy Home Remedies For Hyperacidity

easy home remedies for hyperacidity

Every now and then, the ugly face of acidity pays us a visit spoiling our perfect feasts, well-planned carnivals or just a simple day binging on the internet. But with some amazing hacks from the kitchen shelves, you can calm all the clamor of the acids causing wrath in your stomach.

So, next time an acid reflux plans to collapse your day, surprise it with all the easy armaments right from among the kitchen stuffs:

  • Cumin Seeds – Cumin is a natural neutralizer that helps you maintain the acid level. Chewing it raw, boil it in water, crushed and powdered, or by roasting it, cumin seeds come handy in calming the cyclone in your intestines.
  • Butter Milk – The lactic acid present in buttermilk instantly neutralizes the stomach acid helping you to soothe all the symptoms of hyperacidity. A pinch on hing (asofoetida) added to the drink helps with bloating as well.
  • Aloe Vera – The rich cactus stands as a boon for human health. The amazing plant gives you instant relief from hyperacidity. Take the pulp of the leaf or juice in empty stomach to keep things smooth in there.
  • Jaggery – The sweet nectar of Jaggery helps in digestion and makes the digestive system alkaline that helps in relieving acidity. Take it raw the next time you go down with hyperacidity.
  • Ginger – Ginger is the healer of many health issues. It’s an excellent digestive and anti-inflammatory properties help in treating acidity. Chew a slice of ginger or gulp down a spoon of fresh ginger juice to take away all the acidity.
  • Amalaki – Rich vitamin C levels in amalaki helps in healing of gastric and esophageal mucosa thus relieving all the symptoms of hyperacidity. A teaspoon full of amla powder or amla juice twice a consumed could keep acidity at bay.
  • Mint – Mint leaves are long revered as a natural remedy for acidity. A few mint leaves in empty stomach or a glass of mint juice helps in taking away all the acidic feels from the body. Mints are also known to improve digestion.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon contains natural antacids which help in neutralizing the acid concentration in the stomach.
  • Tulsi – Tulsi leaves on empty stomach relieves the symptoms of hyperacidity and gas. Chew a few leaves to enthrall the body with all the goodness of the sacred leaves.
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