Falova and falova plus capsules for complete reproductive system nourishment in women

Falova and Falova plus capsules are an ayurvedic formula by Ailvil Healthcare to treat diseases related to female reproductive organs like polycystic ovary syndrome, fertility problems and problems in uterus and ova production. It is administered to pregnant women to keep them healthy and ready for childbirth. Falova helps maintain ph levels in the uterus. It is a one-stop product to nourish the entire female reproductive system. It might also be useful for male reproductive problems like infertility and low sperm count.

Our diet regimes have fallen out of balance in this fast-paced world. We have lost our connection with nature and creation. Poor lifestyle and inappreciable diet habits have resulted in widespread hormonal imbalances. As a result today one million cases of polycystic ovary syndrome are reported annually. Girls missing menstrual cycles are becoming the norm in our cities. Miscarriages and other problems related to poor reproductive health is also on the rise. Like many times in the past, most modern problems have ancient solutions. Ayurveda has specific guidelines to help treat such hormonal problems. Most Ayurvedic medicines to improve reproductive health nourish and provide complete nourishment and total rejuvenation to the body. Phalagrita is one such ayurvedic formulation from the ancient ayurvedic texts to improve and restore balance in reproductive organs and system in women. Ailvil Healthcare offers this ancient ayurvedic formulation in form of easy to consume capsules. Branded as Falova capsules, this is a breakthrough product that offers an easy solution to most problems in the reproductive health of women.


Falova and Falova plus are Phalagritha capsules. Phalagritha is a medicated ghee processed with wide range of herbs. It is prepared by infusing powerful ayurvedic herbs like haridra, amalaki, bhibhitaki, yastimadhu, haritaki, Kushta, majistha, vacha, dharuharidra etc in ghee prepared from cow’s milk. This special formula has helped restore balance in shukradhatu for millions of women over the course of history. It is also beneficial for men and has no side effects.

Falova plus capsules have double phalagritha extracts as in falova capsules.


Falova nourishes the reproductive organs in women and improves their functioning.

It helps to tone up the muscles for contraction and relaxation during childbirth.

It helps to maintain pH levels in women’s uterus.

It is an effective tonic to treat polycystic ovary syndrome. It can also be used as a preventive measure against PCOS

It restores balance in the female reproductive organs.

It is also indicated for female infertility

It might also help in male infertility, sperm disorders and poor semen secretion

It helps improve sperm motility


Falova Plus capsules have the same composition and benefits as falova capsules but it comes at a double dosage and is recommended for more severe cases. While falova capsules are for relatively mild cases or as a preventive. Falova plus if used in place of falova should be used in half the dosage or as recommended by the physician.


It is normally recommended to consume one tablet at a time three times a day with hot milk or water

It is advised to consume this medicine at least one hour before food

This is a specific-action capsule hence it is best to consult an ayurvedic physician to know your personalized dosage of falova capsules


No side effects are reported for using these capsules so far

However, it is best to stick to the recommended dosage limits or consume at a lesser dose to avoid any unforeseen effects



Keep out of the reach of children

Falova is a specific action-oriented ayurvedic medicine. Hence it is advised to consume this medicine exclusively for the disorders against which it is listed

Read the label thoroughly before use

Do not overdose on this medicine. An overdose can cause misbalance in the shukradhatu and result in complications

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