Falova capsules

Falova Capsules are an ayurvedic proprietary medicine for improved reproductive health in women. This medicine is a tablet form of a powerful medicated ghee called Phala Gritha. Phala Gritha is prepared by immersing the goodness of 21 unique herbal extracts in a mixture of ghee and butter made from cow’s milk. Phala Gritha is considered a one stop solution to all diseases which occur in the female reproductive organ. Falova capsules are nothing but Phala Gritha presented in a tablet form.

Falova capsules can cure conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome, menstrual cramps, irregular periods, female infertility, inflammation in the reproductive organs and more. It is also useful in disorders which concern the kidneys, uterus and urinary tract. Falova capsules help maintain the pH levels in the uterus and are recommended for pregnant women during childbirth. It can also be consumed to help recovery of the uterus and body after child birth. 


The efficacy of falova capsules in helping women regain fertility is established in a clinical study by researchers from Bidar, India published in the ‘Ancient Science of Life’ journal titled “CLINICAL TRIAL OF PHALAGHRITA ON FEMALE INFERTILITY”. The study conducted on 30 infertile females showed significant progress in their health with Phala Gritha after 3 menstrual cycles. Phala Gritha is provided in easy to consume capsule form in falova tablets.


Phala Gritha, despite being a powerful medicine is not a product which is easy to consume on the go. It is normally sold in big bottles and requires a dry spoon to be used. It is definitely easier to carry a couple of capsules in your pocket than a jar of medicated ghee. Swallowing a couple of capsules is also easier than searching for your spoon and digging out some ghee without compromising the hygiene. Ailvil healthcare has made life simple by offering this ayurvedic elixir for women’s reproductive health in an easy to consume capsule form.


Phala Gritha capsules (Falova) are powered by many rejuvenating herbal extracts highly rated in ancient ayurvedic texts. Powerful complete body tonics like Amlaki, Bhibitaki and Haritaki are amongst the herbs used in this preparation. Indian Madder or Manjishta is powerful ayurvedic blood purifying herb. It helps purifies the blood improves blood flow and regulates blood pressure. It helps remove stagnant blood substances. Manjishta is highly rated to help regulate menstrual cycles in women. It also aids in healthy discharge of menstrual fluids.

Kusta or Indian Costus root is another powerful herbal extract which is involved in the preparation of this elixir. It helps lower blood pressure. It is another purifying herb which has a direct action to nourish the female reproductive system. It helps fight infertility.

Tagara is another rare ayurvedic herb involved in the preparation of falova capsules. It relieves anxiety, irritability and depression. It rejuvenates the mind which automatically helps improve the body condition. Depression and anxiety are amongst the symptoms of female infertility and polycystic ovary disease. Falova capsules with the goodness of tagara herb can help relieve this symptom.

There are a total of 21 herbal extracts including dharu haridra, asparagus and yastimadhu apart from the ones mentioned above. These herbal extracts are processed in ghee and butter. Ghee is used as medium because it is the best anupana in Ayurveda.

We can even argue that ghee is used in yagnas because our sages believed like how it carries medicines to all cells in the body it could carry our prayers to the gods. Ghee is that highly rated as a carrier of medicines in Ayurveda. Thus ghee helps take the goodness of the herbs immersed in it to the destination for action. This medicated ghee is offered in capsule form by Ailvil healthcare in Falova capsules.


Falova nourishes the reproductive organs in women and improves their functioning.

It helps to tone up the muscles for contraction and relaxation during childbirth.

It helps to maintain pH levels in women’s uterus.

Falova is an effective tonic to treat polycystic ovary syndrome. It can also be used as a preventive measure against PCOS

It restores balance in the female reproductive organs.

It is also indicated for female infertility

It is useful in maintaining healthy kidneys, uterus and urinary tract.

It also acts as a complete body rejuvenator.

Falova capsules might also help in male infertility, sperm disorders and poor semen secretion

It helps improve sperm motility


Consume two capsules at a time, two times a day. Use it for at least 3 menstrual cycles for complete relief from the disease.

Consult your ayurvedic physician for best medical advice on how to consume this medicated ghee.


No side effects are reported for this product. It is absolutely safe to consume for a long period of time.


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