Foods To Avoid During Your Menstrual Cycles

Foods To Avoid During Your Menstrual Cycles

Menstruating is that one thing which keeps the mind ticking at all times. While its untimely routine raises grave concerns, welcoming the periods on every 28th day is no fun either. Menses not only brings the discomfort of bleeding but the cramps, pain, fatigue, insatiable, mood swings, breast tenderness and hormonal gush makes things even more worse.

Since it is a natural and important part of a female’s life there is no choice but to embrace it with grace. Fortunately, there are some natural ways to combat the ruthless pain and frustration of PMS. Following a healthy diet and maintaining an active lifestyle helps in avoiding issues like breast tenderness and cramps, yoga and meditation calms down the nerves and provides relief against anxiety and mood swings. 

However, certain food items can alleviate the symptoms of period and make the days more troublesome. So, here we have done some ground research and assembled a list of food items that can alleviate the pain and agony of the monthly monster.

Foods to Avoid


Caffeinated beverages can contribute to increased breast tenderness and cramps during the periods. Caffeine narrows the blood vessels and dehydrates the body that may result in headache, anxiety and stress during period. Caffeine can also lead to irritated mood, sleep difficulties and menstrual pain.

Processed Food

Processed fast foods and oily items are not healthy for the digestive system. They also contain preservatives that may increase the discomfort, bloating and stress during your PMS days.

Dairy Products

Fat in dairy products is saturated form that causes inflammation and irritation further worsen period pain. Dairy products boost the production of prostaglandins which increases the woes of cramping.

Salty Foods

Salty food causes dehydration in the body which leads to bloating and gastric issues. Consuming salty food may just worsen the period woes.

Sugary food

Food items rich in sugar content causes fluctuations in the blood sugar level which results in mood swings, stress and tension. Sugar consumption also contributes to immune system imbalance and fatigue.

Fatty Foods

Fatty foods influence hormones, lead to cramps and can make you feel gassy. The skin also becomes sensitive during those days of the month and acne is a common problem associated with periods. Indulging in fatty foods just makes it worse. 


Consuming tamarind and other citric substances during the menstruating days is believed to cause heavy bleeding and cause indigestion and acid reflux. 


Alcohol consumption can increases oestrogen levels and worsen period symptoms.

Refined grains

Bread, pizza, cereals, and tortillas should be avoided as they lead to bloating and constipation.

It just takes a few smart decisions to turn the tables and make life easy, comfortable and pleasant even in the darkest hours. 

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