The amazing health benefits of kalmegh tablets – ayurvedic immunity booster

kalmegh tablets

kalmegh tablets

 Kalmegh or Nilavembu is a powerful anti-viral herb and a complete tonic for the body. It nourishes the entire body and is regarded as a powerful immunity booster. Here are reasons to buy Kalmegh tablets from Green Milk Concepts.


 Kalmegh is one of the most highly rated herbs in Ayurveda for liver health. In allopathy it is medically not possible to reverse liver cirrhosis and medicines are offered only to manage the disease. Many ayurvedic doctors have claimed to helps patients reverse liver cirrhosis if detected at an early stage. One of the primarily herbs recommended in the treatment of liver cirrhosis is Kalmegh. It has high anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and hepato-protective properties. The components in this herb help eliminate the free radicals which damage the liver cells. This liver protective action is why Nilavembu has become an ayurvedic doctor’s favorite to treat liver disorders. Studies have also shown Kalmegh to have the potential to treat liver disease caused by hepatitis B virus. It is also beneficial in reversing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver. Green Milk concepts’ Kalmegh tablets are prepared exclusively from this exotic herb. Click here for ayurvedic tips to manage fatty liver.

Here are other ayurvedic methods to treat Liver Cirrhosis.

A clinical study by researchers from Banaras Hindu University titled “CLINICAL STUDIES ON KALMEGH (ANDROGRAPHIS PANICULATA NEES) IN INFECTIVE HEPATITIS” published in ‘Ancient Science of Life’ magazine has shown that a decoction made from Kalmegh completely cured liver disorders in 80% of the patients and offered relief from symptoms in the other 20%. It showed significant improvement in all patients involved in the study.

In normal people, Kalmegh tablets protects liver, helps in regeneration of healthy liver cells and prevents liver disorders. It is a powerful and potent liver protector.


Kalmegh tablets are a powerful anti-viral formula. It is highly rated for the management of influenza andrographolide. Nilavembu combines with the influenza virus and prevents its replication. It eventually effectively neutralizes the influenza virus. It also treats the causes of inflammation in the lungs due to influenza. The overall health boosting ability of nilavembu also helps relieve other symptoms of influenza including cough, cold and fever.

A decoction prepared from Nilavembu was widely distributed to prevent nipa epidemic in Tamil nadu. This herb is a powerful anti-viral and anti-inflammatory with potential generate a significant immune response against almost all microbial diseases. It is recommended to relieve all flu like symptoms. It was recommended by Central Council for Research in Siddha (CCRS) as an immunity booster and preventive for Covid-19.


Kalmegh tablets can effectively treat a variety of respiratory diseases. It clears all respiratory passages and helps relieve inflammation which occurs in the air passages in case of sinusitis. A study published in the ‘Asia Paciffic Journal of Tropical Disease’ titled “Harnessing the medicinal properties of Andrographis paniculata for diseases and beyond: a review of its phytochemistry and pharmacology” has established Kalmegh as a potent herb in treating sinusitis and many other microbial and seasonal flu like diseases.


Kalmegh helps improve digestion and metabolism. It improves nutrition absorption in the body and that is why it is rated as a powerful immunity booster. It helps relieve anorexia and loss of appetite. It stimulates hunger. It also helps eliminate the undigested food residue (ama) in the body and prevents diseases which occur as a result. It helps flush out toxins from the digestive system and help maintain overall digestive health.


Kalmegh is also effective in treating common cold and cough. It is recommended in inflammatory bowel disease by ayurvedic doctors. It is rich in anti-oxidants and is a powerful immunity booster. It is also used to relieve tonsillitis alongside other medications by some ayurvedic doctors. Kalmegh tablets can also improve overall health. It is also recommended as an adjuvant for rheumatoid arthritis.


Green Milk Concepts Kalmegh tablets are prepared exclusively from pure Kalmegh (Green chiretta). It is prepared in a hygienic environment following all the recommendations in ancient medicinal texts and under the supervision of Ayurvedic doctors. If you aren’t able to obtain raw Kalmegh from the farm, then Kalmegh tablets are the best way to get this herb. Availability in tablet form makes it easy to consume and obtain the benefits.

DOSAGE Of kalmegh tablets

It is recommended to consume one or two Kalmegh tablets two times a day for immunity. For other disease specific dosage consult an ayurvedic doctor and obtain your recommended.


No side effects are observed for consumption of this medicine.

It is generally safe for all groups of people. If any discomfort persists, stop consumption and consult an ayurvedic physician.

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