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Consults Done
FREE Consultation
Consults Done
FREE Consultation

What happens in Health & Fitness Camp?

What happens in Health & Fitness Camp?

During your visit to Ayurcentral Health & Fitness Camp, you’ll have the opportunity to receive:


  • Free consultations with our expert doctors
  • Personalized dietary recommendations tailored to your needs
  • Prescriptions for personalized medications
  • Guidance on lifestyle modifications for improved health & fitness


Personalized Guidance

Tailored advice for individual health needs

Expert Consultations

Access to experienced doctors and practitioners

Comprehensive Solutions

Addressing various health concerns holistically

Enhanced Wellnes

Support for overall physical and mental well-being

Who can Attend

Experiencing discomfort with pain and numbness in legs

Feeling tingling and burning sensations

Encountering muscle weakness

Noticing sensitivity to touch

Ayurcentral Health & Fitness Camp is open to individuals of all ages who are seeking to improve their health and well-being. Whether you're dealing with specific health issues or simply looking to enhance your overall wellness, you're welcome to join us at our camp.

Solutions For All Your
Health Concerns

Solutions For All Your Health Concerns

Digestive Issues
Joint pain
Respiratory issues
Sleep disorders
Hormonal imbalances
Skin problems
Hair problems
Weight management
And much more

Dr. Prashanth D

Marma Chikitsa Expert
7+ years Experience
Who served over 4,000+ patients worldwide.
Dedicated practitioner of Ayurveda, specializing in Marma Chikitsa for holistic pain management and mental wellness.
His journey began at Government Ayurveda Medical College Bengaluru, where he pursued his education in the ancient healing arts. He dedicated seven years to mastering the intricate techniques of Marma Chikitsa. Under his guidance, patients experience the transformative touch of Ayurveda, rediscovering vitality and well-being.

Consult Our Experienced Vaidyas

Dr Saroj Kumar

BAMS (Ayu)
35+ years Experience
10000+ consults done

Dr Aakash Thakkar

BAMS (Ayu)
35+ years Experience
10000+ consults done

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Got Questions?

Do I need to book an appointment in advance?

While walk-ins are welcome, booking an appointment in advance ensures that
you receive timely attention and personalized care.

Are the doctors at the camp qualified and experienced?

Yes, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced doctors who specialize
in Ayurvedic medicine and holistic health practices.

What should I bring with me to the camp?

You only need to bring yourself and any relevant medical records or information
about your health history that you think would be helpful for the consultation.

Will I receive dietary recommendations during the consultation?

Yes, our expert doctors will provide personalized dietary recommendations based
on your health needs and goals.

Are the medications prescribed at the camp safe to use?

Absolutely, all medications prescribed at Ayurcentral Health & Fitness Camp are 
derived from natural ingredients and are safe for use.

Can I attend the camp if I have specific dietary restrictions or allergies?

Yes, please inform our doctors about any dietary restrictions or allergies during
your consultation so that they can tailor their recommendations accordingly.

How long does a typical consultation at the camp last?

Consultation durations may vary depending on individual needs, but typically last between 15 to 30 minutes.

Can I bring a friend or family member with me to the camp?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or family member for support during your consultation. However, please note that each individual will receive personalized attention during their consultation.

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