Healthy Snacks – Alternative For Junk

Healthy Snacks

Jumping off with the morning alarm, juggling through random stuff, getting into the formals, and heading off to work that’s already too much work. Bugged with the busy schedule, the last minute changes and meeting deadline we often forget to listen to our body.

Out body is a complex delicate machine, it needs to be pampered with good nutrition and complete attention. Running through the unending email chains, longsome meetings, outstretched conference, we often rely on coffee and canteen snacks to stave off hunger bites. But while doing so little do we realize the amount of injustice we do to the body.

So, here are some amazing ideas for healthy office snacks that fill your tummy and refuel your system in no time. These are effortless to make and easy to carry.

Fruits and nuts

We are no alien to the tremendous health benefits that are wrapped in the pulpy, juicy layers of the fruit. Easy to sneak in your office bag, you can munch on the fresh fruits and nuts at your desk any time of the day. A great source of Vitamins and antioxidants that strengthens your immune system and ensures to keep you in the pink of your health.

Dry fruits

Ladened with oodles of health benefits they provide you the nutritional strength to keep up with the tiring day. They not only revitalize the body but also keeps diseases and health issues at bay. So fill your box with yummy almonds, cashews, nuts, raisins, figs and apricots.

Roasted Chickpeas

Easy to carry and delicious to munch. These roasted chickpeas not only satiate your hunger, but also offers a power-pack protein punch. Chewing chickpeas also drives away fatigue and boredom from the monotony of work.

Vegetable Salads

Fresh veggies work wonder to keep your system healthy. Pack in some carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, and tomatoes with a pinch of salt. Cut off the evening fast food sessions with this salad packed with healthy nutrients.


If you could spare some time from your morning routine, try making some awesome pancakes. They are great to taste and easy to make. Pancakes are super healthy food and there are tons of different recipes that you can try every day. 


Avocados are a gem of nutrition. They are ultra portable and hardly needs any prep. Just slice it up and fill your body with all the goodness of fiber, vitamins, proteins, potassium and a lot more.

Sprout salad

Sprouts are tasty little nutrition busters that make great office snacks. They are known to  improve digestion, boost metabolism, aid in weight loss, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, boost skin health, improve vision, support the immune system and re energize the body.


Switch to buttermilk instead of gulping down tea or coffee from the office pantry. Buttermilk is a cool, appetizing drink that aids in digestion and keeps your skin glows. It also has some benefits in weight loss. 

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