himalaya adult diapers

himalaya adult diapers

With age, it is natural for some people to lose their urine retention ability. It is also possible that the inability to retain urine can get coupled with frequent urine production. If this is your condition, then being in a public place for a period can be challenging and stressful. Even at home when you live with your family this can be a cause of embarrassment. Now it is time to move on from all those vexatious memories because Himalaya Adult Diapers is here to give you a one-stop solution for a happier life!



Himalaya Adult Diapers are the best in class products that are specially designed to eliminate all the negative feedbacks given on normal adult diapers. Many adult diapers prevent urine and fecal leakages but don’t prevent the bad odor from leaking out causing embarrassments. Himalaya Adult Diapers is enhanced with the fragrance of Nagarmotha plant (also known as Nutgrass) which is renowned for its pleasant odor. Nagarmotha is widely used to make incenses and perfumes. It has the ability to eliminate all negative odors, so hold your head high. Always!


Another problem in using diapers is before excretory wastes dry, the microbes in them could cause infection in the skin. This is true and is one of the major reasons why many adults with bladder leakage issues prefer not to use diapers. Users of Himalaya Adult Diapers need not worry about this because these diapers are enhanced by a coating of anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral herbs on the inner layers. This helps eliminate all disease-causing microbes which build up in the diaper. Herbs like neem and aloe vera are used in this coating.


Neem is the most widely used ayurvedic herb to deal with microbial infections. It has unique properties to eliminate all kinds of harmful microbes. It is also traditionally used to eliminate poisonous content in materials. This property will also be handy to protect your skin. Neem also has skin nourishing and cleansing properties.


Aloe vera is also a powerful herb with anti-microbial properties. It also helps eliminate viruses and bacteria in the wastes that build up in the diaper. Aloe vera also is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb that helps prevent inflammations that might happen on the skin due to the acidic nature of the wastes in the diaper.

Himalaya Adult Diapers are also enriched by Yashadha Bhasma. This bhasma contains calcined and pure zinc. It has a lot of medicinal uses according to Ayurveda. It is a strong antacid and anti-inflammatory agent which protects the skin from harmful effects of the waste build up in the diaper.


Thus by keeping foul smell away and by protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the waste build-up, Himalaya Adult Diapers successfully eliminate the negative aspects of using a diaper. So do not waste any time. Get your adult diaper now and bring confidence back to your life.



It is best suited for older people who suffer from bladder leakages or diarrhea.

It is the go-to product for people who have the urge to urinate frequently but have to be in situations where regular nature breaks are not possible

It is a safe alternative for bedridden patients who are otherwise forced to used urine tubes, bags, etc.

Any adult of any age who prefers to use a diaper



Himalaya Adult diapers come in three sizes Medium, Large, and Extra-large. They also come with an adjustable tape which makes it possible to make micro-adjustments to make the diaper perfectly fit and comfortable. This feature also makes it easier to hide the diaper under your regular dresses.


Himalaya Adult Diapers have a super absorbent interior that quickly absorbs urine and other liquid leakages and 100 % ensures there are no leaks whatsoever! So forget about leaks and enjoy life with this adult diapers

Anti-microbial coating powered by Ayurvedic herbs to keep microbial activity at bay and this means you can keep your diaper for a longer period.

Powered by Nutgrass perfume to keep foul odor at bay

What more can you ask for? Get your Himalaya Adult Diaper from Ayurcentral Stores right now!

This is an easy to use diaper, pull the flaps in between your legs, and lock them with the tape flaps. Adjust the flaps to your comfort. This is super customizable for individual comfort!

After use roll them on and disperse in a dustbin.

For step by step guidance read the cover of the product

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