Hot Water For Weight Loss

Who does not want to get that perfect slender body! A fit body is much more than just a showpiece, it’s about being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. Though there is a perception that shedding off the unwanted bulk is a tough job, it actually takes just a few concise decisions to maintain a healthy weight.

A mild walk, brisk workout, eating healthy or even something as simple as switching to drinking hot water plays a role in cutting off the stubborn fats. While drinking warm water may not tantalize your taste buds, but it does offer some exciting health benefits that are hard to ignore:

Detoxifies the body

Detoxifying promotes weight loss, boosts energy and heals the body naturally. Hot water is the ultimate drink for detoxification of the body. It cleanses impurities, improves blood circulation, assists in digestion, opens up the drainage in the gut and allows toxins to flow out. Drinking a glass of hot water every morning helps the body eliminate harmful toxins and promotes breakdown of food stored in the stomach.

Promotes Metabolism

As the warm water flushes out all the toxins out of the body, it makes you feel fresh and active. Regular intake of warm water boosts body temperature, increases stamina and enhances physical activities thus resulting in weight loss. Gulping down a glass of hot water after waking up is the best way to warm up the body.

Curtail Cravings

Drinking warm water in the morning curtails cravings, hydrates the body and increase feelings of fullness as compared to cold water. Drinking hot water before meals make one feel full sooner thus giving room for only what is needed by the body. Trading in the sugary juices and sodas for water can cut hundreds of calories from your daily diet. 

Burns Fat

Hot water can help break down fat deposits faster and aid in weight loss. A well-hydrated body increases metabolic rate and helps in the rapid working of the muscles and organs thus helping the body to burn fat faster. 

Aids Digestion

Cold water disturbs the ongoing process of digestion by putting off the digestive fire. Drinking hot water maintains the gut fire that aids in digestion of food. Having a healthy digestive system ensures your weight-loss plan will be successful. By increasing digestive efficiency we can effectively shed extra fat.

Improve circulation

Drinking a glass of hot water speeds up circulation and promotes overall health. Improved circulation helps the nutrients to get absorbed in a more efficient manner thus leaving no room for accumulation of fats.

Ayurvedic tips to make hot water shed weight

Drink a glass of warm water in empty stomach

Make sure to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. Keeping a water bottle handy will remind you from time to time.

Don’t gulp down water hastily. Sit down and let the body soak the water.

Store water in silver or copper vessel for better results.

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