How effective is gomuthra ark for cancer

Ayurveda has very high regard for Gomuthra Ark. It is mentioned in the Sushruta Samhita and in Ashtanga Hridhayam. Some Ayurvedic Physicians tend to equate Gomuthra Ark with the mythical immortality bestowing Amrita and Sanjeevani.  It is also used traditionally in the treatment of various illnesses which reduces Kapha Dosha.


Now in the modern world, every claim requires a scientific validation. Many Ayurvedic practitioners have suggested that Gomuthra might have anti-cancer properties. Modern research might throw some light on the validity of the claim.




In April 2007, four researchers Rajesh Garg, V.B. Gupta, N.K.Jain and N.Silawat collected data from 63 cancer patients in Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh, India. Their objective was to test the efficiency of Gomuthra or Cow’s Urine on Cancer patients.


To the surprise of those dismissive of the medicinal properties of Gomuthra, the results suggested the administration of Cow’s urine for 2-3 months benefitted the patients.  The survey though largely silent on whether Gomuthra actually cures cancer showed it was really effective in symptom (including pain, irritation, difficulty swallowing, burning sensation, inflammation etc.) management for cancer patients.


This study was published in the “International Journal of Green Pharmacy” titled “Efficacy of cow urine therapy on various cancer patients in Mandsaur District, India – A survey” and has 51 citations till date.




Another study by a group of researchers lead by Ipsita Mohanty titled “Diversified uses of Cow’s Urine” published in the “International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences” scientifically breaks down the elements in Gomuthra and claims Gomuthra to be rich in Sodium, Nitrogen, Sulphur, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Manganese, Silicon, Magnesium, Chlorine, Succinic Calcium Salts, Phosphate, enzymes, Creatinine, lactose, hormones, Carboxylic acid and Iron. The goes on describe the bio enhancing qualities of Gomuthra and vouches for its ability to enhance the effects of anti-cancer medications.


Another research in 2014, by Singhal, Kuldeep and Ramswaroop in the “International Journal of Cow Sciences” went on to claim Gomuthra Ark as a possible cure for cancer and called for more scientific studies on the same. The study also called for an authoritative verification of the claims by patients who recover from cancer by treatment with Gomuthra Ark, lamenting that hundreds of recovery by Gomuthra claims are happening only to be largely ignored by the scientific community.


A paper titled “Chemotherapeutic potential of cow urine: A review” by G.K.Randhawa and Rajiv Sharma in the “Journal of Intercultural Ethnopharmacology” states Cow’s Urine can prevent damage to DNA and also be used as an adjunctive to prevent the development of resistance and enhance the effects of cancer medications.




The lack of enthusiasm from the scientific community to call for clinical trials to verify and validate the claims has been a major roadblock for the growth of Ayurvedic medicines. When preliminary research shows promise, it makes sense to follow up with more detailed research to prove and validate the claims for the benefit of the people but it has not been the case most of the times.


Of late, India’s AYUSH Ministry has taken up the research on the efficacy of Gomuthra. Such initiatives from the administration can encourage private entities to take up the matter as well. When the results of these studies come out we will have a more clear picture of how the usefulness of Gomuthra in cancer treatment.


Apart from Cancer, Gomuthra Ark is also useful in treating wounds, fever, ulcers, to kill intestinal worms, loss of appetite, ascites etc.


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