Kasa sudha kalpalm

Kasa sudha kalpalm

Sri Dhanvanthari Pharmacy offers Kasa Sudhakalpalm which is an ayurvedic tonic prepared exclusively from herbal ingredients highly rated in ancient ayurvedic texts for high efficacy in treating respiratory diseases. This is one of the rare cough and cold relief tonics that are not sweet in taste. It is instead built on a salty base. This makes it a preferred option for people suffering from diabetes. It is also effective in treating all kinds of respiratory diseases. Many ingredients used in Kasa Sudhakalpalm like ashwagandha, amla, punarnava and vasa have been verified by scientific studies for their efficacy in treating a plethora of respiratory diseases including asthma, wheezing, and sinusitis. Some ingredients have also been acknowledged by preliminary studies as a potential covid-19 reliever. Kasa Sudhakalpalm loaded with these exotic ayurvedic ingrediets and powered by a salty base instead of sugar candy syrup unlike its competitor cough syrups making it one the best tonics in the market in its niche.


The primary ingredients in Kasa Sudhakalpalm from Sri Dhanvanthari Pharmacy include the staple ayurvedic herbs and ingredients used to relieve respiratory diseases. Ginger, honey, amla, clove, pepper longum, black pepper, hibiscus extracts, tulasi, and pudhina are amongst ingredients lifted straight out of Indian kitchens which are used in the preparation of this ayurvedic elixir.

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It is also powered by herbs that are considered highly effective in the treatment of asthma and other serious respiratory disorders like vasaka and punarnava. The efficacy of these herbs to treat respiratory diseases has been established by modern scientific studies.

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Instead of sugar candies, this cough tonic is flavored with Himalayan rock salt. This salt is also known as saindhava lavana has relatively lesser sodium than normal salt. It is effective in treating sore throat. It helps balance pH in the body. It is useful in treating all kinds of respiratory diseases. Himalayan rock salt also helps regulate blood pressure levels and aids in improving sleep quality. It is rich in many vitamins and minerals. It is not as harmful to the kidney and gall bladder as other salts. It helps improve skin health.

Kasa Sudhakalpalm is also loaded with complete body rejuvenators like ashwagandha, twak, Bhibitaki, amla and musta. Read about the scientifically proven benefits of amla by clicking here.

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It is flavored by aura-inducing cardamom and camphor. The combination of all these herbal ingredients and more in unique proportions makes Kasa Sudhakalpalm one of the best cough tonics in the market. Like all ayurvedic medicines, it promotes overall health alongside relieving the specific disease it targets.


Kasa Sudhakalpalm is a powerful tonic designed to deliver instant relief from the common cold and cough.

It being salty in taste is more effective in eliminating microbes in the throat. It can relieve inflammations in the throat and is very useful for sore throat.

It is useful as an adjuvant in the treatment of Asthma. Many of its ingredients like punarnava and vasa are effective in treating Asthma.

It improves the effect of other medicines in all kinds of respiratory diseases i.e. it is a good supplement to consume along with regular medicines. 

It is salty in taste and is safe for diabetic patients.

It protects the respiratory organs from allergies caused by pollution and other diseases.


It is normally recommended to consume 5 ml of this syrup two times of day. At times it is also advised to take 2.5 ml of this tonic whenever one feels uncomfortable or 4 to 5 times a day till relief.

This is a powerful action-oriented medicine. Hence it is highly advisable to consume this medicine after consultations with an ayurvedic physician.

It is safe to consume this medicine alongside homeopathic or allopathic medicines.


It is not advisable for people with Urinary tract infections and poor kidney health.

It is best to not use this product for few months after a kidney transplant or kidney removal.

It is advisable for lactating mothers and pregnant women to consume this medicine only if strongly recommended by an expert physician.

People with high blood pressure shall avoid this medicine or consult an ayurvedic doctor before consumption.

Store in a cool dry place and keep out of the reach of children.


No adverse side effects are noticed when this medicine is consumed in recommended doses.

It is a light medicine and does not induce sleep like other syrups in its niche.

However, because of the high salt content, it can cause blood pressure fluctuations in people who suffer from high blood pressure. Such people are advised to consume half their recommended dosage at one shot and the other half after an hour’s break.


Kasa Sudhakalpalm from Sri Dhanvanthari Pharmacy is available in our store. Click here to buy.

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