Khadirarishta For Skin Diseases, Dose & Side Effects

Life comes to a halt and our mind is clogged when the body wears a blanket of skin disease. The itch, irritation, swelling, inflammation and the odd looks irks the brain every second of the day and night. Allergies, irritants, certain diseases, genetic makeup, hormone imbalance, immune system problems and many other diseases can cause skin problems.

Modern medicine has developed several lotions, tablets and soaps that soothe the pain and provides relief in distress. But it does not treat the underlying cause of the skin infection thereby leaving a fair chance of recurrence of the disease. Ayurveda offers natural cure that not only relieves the symptoms but eradicates the issue from its root.

Khadirarishta is a polyherbal ayurvedic formulation prepared using ancient ayurvedic fermentation technique. It is known to purify blood, treat skin diseases and cure intestinal problems. This remedy is used since aeons as an excellent blood purifier, antibacterial and digestive agent and is very beneficial in curing pimples and acne from the skin.

Medicinal Properties:

Khadirarishta is a best antipruritic, which is widely used for all skin disease, blood disorder, intestinal worms, splenomegaly, urticaria, gout, herpes, wounds, tumors, etc. The medicinal characteristics of this potent tonic are summarized below:

– Aam Pachaka (Detoxifier)

– Anti-pruritic

– Anthelminthic

– Anti-allergic

– Digestive Stimulant

– Blood purifier

– Antimicrobial

– Anti-gout

– Anti-histaminic

– Anti-inflammatory

– Antioxidant

– Hepatoprotective

– Removes Toxins


Mechanism of Action

Khadirarishta flushes the toxins by boosting digestion and elimination of wastes. It further stops production of the toxins and their accumulation in the intestines thereby reducing toxin absorption into the blood.

Detoxifies Blood:

Khadirarishta directly works on the blood, detoxifies it, digests AMA present in the blood, and helps kidneys to excrete toxins.

Treats Skin Diseases

Toxins block the micro-channels in the body, which results in poor nutrition to the skin tissues thus causing various skin diseases. The main indication of Khadirarishta is removing these toxins thereby preventing plethora of skin disease. It soothes the skin and reduces itching in almost all types of skin diseases.

Cures Acne/Pimples

The stubborn zits make their way to the skin ruining our look and peace of mind. Khadirarishta is very effective in curing acne. Regular use of this tonic purifies blood, reduces toxins production, regulates sebum production in the skin and inhibits bacterial growth, which ultimately prevents acne. 

Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

In Atopic Dermatitis, Khadirarishta helps in soothing its symptoms like itching, oozing from the skin, crust formation, patchy and scaly skin.

Khadirarishta dose:

It should be taken as prescribed by an Ayurvedic specialist. It is usually prescribed once or twice a day, usually taken after food. It can also be taken by mixing with equal quantity of water. It can be taken internally as well as use its oil topically to reduce the symptoms fast and get relief.

Side effects:

The common side effect of Khadirarishta is burning sensation or heartburn.  It generally occurs when Khadirarishta is taken without mixing water. It should only be taken under medical supervision and as per the prescribed dosage.

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