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krimighatini ointment from new bhuvanendra for skin infections, ringworm and scabies

New Bhuvanendra Ayurveda has a new certified ayurvedic offering to treat a plethora of skin conditions. Many skin conditions like scabies, ringworm infections, dry skin, skin allergies, and other disorders. It is also marketed as a product that has high efficacy in managing symptoms of eczema.

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This ayurvedic preparation is derived from ayurvedic texts which were composed in later medieval and modern times. This formulation largely based on extracts from naturally occurring minerals and petroleum jelly with minor herbal ingredients. The high presence of minerals and petroleum jelly makes it a powerful and quick-to-act medicine on par with allopathic preparations. Yet this is prepared as per ayurvedic recommendations making it a perfect combination of a sacred and quick to act medicine.


Eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin. This rash like an irritating patchy disease can appear anywhere on the skin and cause discomfort. It mostly occurs on the knees, forearms and joints. It is most common amongst people who have family members affected by this disease. There are many creams in Ayurveda and allopathy to treat this condition. New Bhuvanendra’s Krimighatini is one of the best creams to relieve the symptoms of eczema. This cream is powered by powerful herbal and naturally occurring minerals that soothe the skin, nourish it, and relieve the disease.


Ringworms are not worms like what the name suggests. They are an infectious fungus which spread from skin to skin. It can cause serious infections on the skin and the scalp. The infected region can become dry, inflamed, and itchy. Ringworms can cause bald patches on the scalp which can be really embarrassing. It can affect any region on the skin. New Bhuvanendra’s Krimighatini ointment shall be a one-stop solution to ringworm infections. It has anti-fungal properties which help reduce the infection by stimulating an immune reaction. This ayurvedic ointment also soothes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin which helps in alleviating the symptoms.


Scabies is a skin condition caused by skin mites. These mites can bury themselves deep in the skin, lay eggs and cause discomfort. It is a highly contagious and intensely itchy condition. If not treated properly scabies might not resolve for weeks. Krimighatini ointment which is prepared with minerals rated highly in ayurvedic texts for relief from diseases caused by germs is a potent medicine that can help relieve this condition. Applying this ayurvedic herbo-mineral cream and leaving it for a few hours can help relieve the condition.


Krimighatini ointment can heal cracks that appear in the hands and legs. This condition might be caused by dry skin or by microbes; Krimighatini is equally effective in healing both conditions. This ayurvedic ointment has got the potency to heal conditions like athlete’s foot.


New Bhuvanendra’s Krimighatini ointment is a powerful all-around ayurvedic medicine that can offer relief from many other skin diseases other than those mentioned above. It has strong anti-microbial properties. It nourishes the skin thoroughly. It helps improve skin complexion.  It helps keep the skin germ-free. It helps prevent infections. It is useful in many skin conditions which are caused by microbes. This ayurvedic ointment is most effective in treating fungal diseases.


The ingredients of Krimighatini ointment are derived from recommendations in ayurvedic literature. This is a herbo-mineral composition and has a rich dose of naturally occurring minerals like White Sulfur (Gandhaka) and Copper Sulphate (Thutha). The most notable herbal composition of this ointment is Punnaga Taila or Athi oil. This oil is derived from a tree native to Southern India and South East Asia. The medicinal properties of this oil include relief from joint pain and arthritis. It is also effective in healing burns, cuts and scarps.

The power and potency of these herbs and minerals are combined with the medicinal benefits of petroleum jelly in this composition. Petroleum jelly has the potency to heal skin cracks, inflammation and dry skin. It is also useful in relieving symptoms of eczema. It also helps remove skin tan. Click here to know how to remove skin tan naturally. Krimighatini Ointment which is loaded with the benefits of these ingredients can help relieve most skin diseases and help nourish the skin holistically.


Apply thoroughly in the infected area and leave it for a few hours or as directed by an ayurvedic physician.


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