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My little girl of 6 years dreaded the plate of her meal. She simply refused to eat. Rice was her enemy but she did not enjoy the chapati too, milk was a complete “no-no” but the juice of glass was only half empty. I was petrified seeing the pattern of her diet. It was unhealthy, irregular and definitely lacked nutrition.

I even tried to cover up the nutrition deficiency with all the fancy supplements available in the market. But trust me I felt the strands of her hair falling off like flakes of snow on a windy night. I immediately stopped the supplements.

I often discussed her attitude towards food with my mother and she used to recommend a trick or the other. But that could help me only temporarily until her smart brain cracked the trick and found a way around.


After many such failed attempts, I took her to my nearby AyurCentral clinic. I told the doctor about the issues and that I am not looking for a supplement. The doctor reached out to his drawer and took out a sealed bottle of Brihatri Jeera Goli.

He opened the seal and offered one to the little girl, who thought it was some kind of chocolate. Before she swallowed the first goli, she stretched her hand asking for another. The doctor said that this is a magic pill which one can eat only after having their meals.

The doctor turned to me and said that my girl was having minor issues with digestion which curbed her appetite for eating. Brihatri Jeera goli is an amazing digestive, appetizer and mouth freshener. The best part is its yummy taste which makes it a treat for the children.

Since then, Brihatri Jeera Goli is my go-to solution for a happy tummy.

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