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I hated winter through my tweens and teens .  I was untouched by the serene beauty the season brought along. Foggy mornings and calm evenings , the soothing sun and birds chirping, I missed the glory and the glitter for I was too busy being buried in the embargo and embarrassment of white skin.

Every winter my skin would turn into a desert with dead dry skin and cracks all along. Full sleeves and full pants were my saviour but then there were times when the sleeves squeezed and my scales gleamed. My friend’s called me scales of fish and my cousins laughed at the sheer sight.

I tried many oil and moisturizers, some ointments too, but either I would be drenched in grease or the skin became dry again just in a jiffy. After all my experiments I definitely knew that one product certainly doesn’t fit all. And for dry skin using the right products is the key.

Finally, it was about time for me to join college and I was determined to step into this new phase of my life leaving the dirt and fear of the past behind. So, I insisted on seeing an Ayurvedic skin specialist to find my fit and fend the fight with the right tools.

My doctor recommended  Brihatri Moisturizing lotion for me that came in a range of herbal blends. The thick yet soft lotion not just hydrates the skin but also reduces symptoms such as redness, flaking, irritation, rough patches and that feeling of tightness.

Ladened with essential body oils and enriched with nature’s opulence Brihatri Moisturizing lotion  is a  great at locking in moisture, rehydrating the skin and trapping the body’s natural moisture making the skin look plump and fresh.

But did it work on my stubborn skin? O boy, it just changed my skin. I fall in love with this awesome product from the Ayurvedic gallery every time I put it on. Not too sticky, not too greasy yet the soft, smooth glow all day long.

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