Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion For Youthful Skin

Apart from the usual chaos of a Bank Manager’s job, my life was entangled by two major crunches – dry skin and hyperosmia i.e. intolerance to smell. Both these devils entered my life in my twenties and were immune to all my knacks and hacks.

Neither the pills nor the ointments could soothe either of my woes. Though I tried homemade remedies and Ayurvedic techniques but honestly all the long and tiring formulations were too strenuous to continue for more than one week or mostly a fortnight.

Even the aisle of the mammoth malls and colossal stores could not offer me a small bottle of relief. Either the moisturizer did not suit my skin or it dries off in some time or it’s too oily to get absorbed or the smell would be too strong to endure. Somehow or the other the cycle of my agony kept repeating itself signing the same song of whine and gripe.

Being in a position of Manager my skin replicated my confidence and the dryness makes it itchy and scaly ripping every bit of grit I had to shine in the role. I felt the dire need of a miracle solution and discussed the same with my wife. She immediately suggested me to try Ayurveda and I bluntly replied that all that hard work and beauty efforts are not my cup of tea.

My wife laughed at my laziness and handed me her bottle of Brihatri moisturizing lotion and said, “Smell it”. I was a bit skeptical as she could give me a good headache with a strong smell for something I said wrong. But then she made that genuine face and I took the risk.

The moisturizing lotion was plain mild scented that suited well to my hyperosmia nose and the natural ingredients and thick formulation kept my skin soft and supple throughout the day. Though they say, carrying a moisturizing lotion in the bag is not a man’s thing but Brihatri  moisturizing lotion is one thing that made me break stereotypes and carry the bottle close to my heart.

Brihatri moisturizing lotion is  widely available across all AyurCentral stores. Their in-house doctor also helps in getting the best skin-care solution specifically targeted for your unique skin type.

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