Motherhood is a boon but at a costly price!

Transitioning into that phase of my life where I finally creating something with my own flesh and blood felt the best thing in the world. Nine months of bliss and all the cute kicks, the high excitement and oodles of pampering. Though there were ups and downs, thicks and thins but carrying my child was perhaps the best feeling I ever had.

I actually got the actual taste of motherhood after my C-section delivery, when I lied there unconscious and exhausted and a herd of people wake me up to hand over the little life for me to nurture, feed and care. I was cut, opened and sealed. Hardly could I lift my head or open my eyes yet I had to gather the strength to caress another life!

That was just the beginning of a journey so solitary and exhausting, handling the baby and the chores, managing the money and all tasks. There was hardly a moment to sit and breathe. My body ached, eyes so tired, my mind craved for some rest but the heart denied!

As I began to adjust to the storm, learnt to sail it through; another grenade fell off the sky when I got my second baby. The ocean of stress coupled with the anxiety of my child’s health and the worries of putting food into the table took a toll on me.

I lost my sleep and my peace. Irritable and exhausted I would lash out every now and then. Spitting out the harsh words, I often ended up crying out the whole night. My condition deteriorated by the day.

But the alarm buzzed when I lost over 8 kgs in a month and tuned into the dark space of isolation. That’s when my uncle an Ayurvedic expert at Ayurcentral who came to visit my kids checked me up and prescribed me MENTACE tablet.

 He for the first time addressed my mental agony as a real issue and explained me how common it is for new mothers to go through all sorts of trauma and trouble. My husband was taught patience and I learnt yoga.

After three months of treatment, I could finally rejoice my moments of motherhood.

Post- partum stress can cause long-term damage to the body; Ayurveda effectively equips a new mother in fighting her battles alone!

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