Sarsaparilla As A Healthy Summer Drink

As a travel blogger, I often cherish the opportunity of traveling to places, exploring the different essence of lives on earth and delve into the intriguing past and fascinating present of these places. And this time I was simply stunned to discover the magical potion of Mysore.

Amidst the iconic garden and colossal monuments echoes the popular folklore’s of gallantry and heroism, the incredible stories of ancient times and the treasures of our rich history helmed by this city of palaces. 

But what lies untold is the sublime story of this amazing Ayurvedic concoction that has been used by the kings and princes, ; Sarsaparilla! 

As the native narrates, “Sarsaparilla is a heritage of this city. It is the secret of endurance and tolerance. A magical healer that filled the golden glasses of the royals, Sarsaparilla is the boon known only to a few”.




With an inattentive ear, I was listening to their endless claims. But as the gulp of Sarsaparilla went gliding down my throat, solacing my scorched body and freezing the heat within, I got the zest of what they were trying to say. 

It was indeed one of a kind!

It was that moment I knew I have to check the science behind this ancient Ayurvedic magic and the more I explored the more I was impressed.

From digestion woes to skin worries, allergies and infections, it can cure it all!  Can you believe that?

After many experiments and going through many studies, I came back from the city of Mysore with a bag full of S.N Pandit’s Sarsaparilla, that’s the brand every native suggested to me! It is indeed a seven decades old brand that has the stamp of authenticity and originality. 

 That was the amazing story of my encounter with this healthy summer drink. You can get S.N Pandit’s Sarsaparilla from Ayurcentral or just order it online from Ayurcentralonline. 

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