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When the doctor broke the devastating news of diabetes, my reaction was not much different from any other person in his/her 30s whose career had just kicked off. I got tensed and worried, the more I read about the disease, the more I panicked. People often tried to show their concern by bombarding me with questions, but that would just hit my nerve. I resented for a year or so, even left the job as I wanted to get the best diagnosis and treatment. The reports remained the same only the name of the medicines kept changing. After a year of ceaseless efforts of reversing my diabetes, I decided to try advanced treatment options in New York.

On my flight to New York, I met a man probably in his 50s full of life and energetic, as if age had no impact on him. His aura was infectious, just sitting next to him made me felt good. I started talking to him about random things.

When he asked me about my life every answer I gave revolved around my diabetes. I did not realize this until he pointed it out. He said something that twirled my world in a snap, “Son, believe it or not, I too am diabetic, but that does not define or control me. It’s an inconvenience for sure but so is shaving!” I was shocked, to say the least. When I asked him how he managed the disease, he pulled out his bag and took out a bottle of Brihatri Moringa Powder. He said that Moringa Powder is the best way to manage diabetes.

That was the best advice I could ever ask for. From then till to date, I have relied only on Brihatri Moringa Powder to fight my diabetes! Of course, I walk daily for one hour, follow the strict diet and sleep for 8 hours.

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