The footballer who has hurt his calf muscle; The old man who is too weak to even get up and walk; The biker with back pain after his recent long drive; The middle-aged housewife who sprained her ankles; The retired Army man with his arthritis; Everyone out there who is suffering some kind of Skeletal or Muscle pain or sprain: There is a one-stop answer for your relief from Ayurveda – “Myovedic Oil”.

One in every four adult Americans is affected by pain in their joints. The proportion is higher amongst Indians, 30% of our adults experience recurring-to-chronic joint pain according to a 2015 study published by India Today Magazine.

Thousands leave it too late that they end up doing knee replacement surgeries and other costly and high-risk medical procedures.


The natural process of ageing causes pains in the joints, legs etc., and The Ayurvedic formulation packaged as Myovedic Oil or Bala Vishnu Thaila is boon for anyone suffering. Myovedic Oil is an ayurvedic pain relief oil traditionally formulated to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritic properties amongst a host of other goodness.



Myovedic Oil is processed with the goodness of the extracts from the resin of Myrrh tree (Guggulu), False Black Pepper, Chinese Chaste extracts, Babchi amongst a host of other sacred herbs from India.

This ayurvedic pain relief oil relieves joint pain, relieves inflammation and helps prevent and even treat more severe conditions like Backaches, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, and Paralysis.

Myovedic Oil slows down the degeneration of the bone tissues and even the weakest of beings gain some strength with its continuous use. It also slows the ageing process. It sure is a blessing on the ageing adult.


The ayurvedic pain relief oil can also be used to treat numbness and sleeplessness. Myovedic oil can also be used to boost the recovery process of injured sportspersons and wrestlers and relieve aches dues to long drives or rides, bad postures etc.

This ayurvedic oil is also effective in stress management and promotes relaxation apart from mood enhancement.



Clean and dry the area of pain or discomfort.

The Oil shall be gently massaged on the area of pain for five to ten minutes.

It is ideal to give the Oil at least two hours to penetrate the skin and get absorbed in the body after which the area shall be washed with warm water or soaked cleaned with warm water dipped towel.

It is generally recommended to do this two times a day till the discomfort is relieved.


It is not advised to use this Oil on open wounds or skin surface

Myovedic Oil is strictly not for internal use



Myovedic Oil is non-greasy and once applied on the skin, easily penetrates the skin and nourishes the tissues, muscles and the bone.

The goodness of the herbs in the Oil provides nutrients to the bones and muscles and balances the doshas locally and provides relief. Mildly fomentation to the area with warm water or hot water bag will help in better penetration.



For everyone suffering from joint pains, ankle pains, swellings, backaches or muscle pains, this one-stop solution not only relieves you but also regenerates you. Myovedic Oil is one of the best ayurvedic pain relief oils available and is a must-have in every household.

We never know when we will catch our next sprain or develop a new pain; a bottle of Myovedic Oil in our shelves is our instant insurance against such mishappenings.

Almost all ingredients for the preparation of Myovedic Oil are available abundantly in India and hence the oil is easily available in India. You can get your bottle of Myovedic Oil here

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