Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

After a tiring day juggling between multiple chores, all we want is to relinquish into the laps of the warm dark night. A peaceful sleep takes away the fatigue, stress and tension and repairs the wear and tear of the day whilst refueling us with vigor to welcome the new dawn. 

But this perfect date with our bed can be easily spoilt by the turmoil of the tiny monstrous bedbugs. They crawl over our body, suck the blood out and irritate the hell out of the peaceful time. There is no doubt that everyone unanimously hates these parasitic bugs but many fail to know the truth about them.

Let’s take a deeper look at these notorious bugs and clear the air about the myths doing the rounds.

1. Bed bugs can fly: This is a faux as bedbugs lack the wings to take the flight. 

2. Bedbugs reproduce quickly: In comparison to other insects of its species, their reproduction cycle is actually quite slow. A female bedbug lays one egg each day and it takes about 10 days for the egg to hatch.

3. Bedbugs are nocturnal: This is a pure myth. Though most of the time bedbugs come to life during the night but these vampires can become active during the day too.

4. Bedbugs live only on beds: If you have had an encounter with these tiny monsters then you know this is a complete myth. They can thrive almost anywhere including your suitcase, chairs, railings, sofa and almost anywhere and everywhere.

5. Bed bugs spread deadly diseases: Bed bugs do not transmit disease. However, they can cause an allergic reaction similar to a mosquito bite. Frequent scratching of the bite marks or picking the scabs can cause infections. 

Getting rid of these bed bugs is immensely important before they drive us completely nuts. But it can be a quite a challenge to ward off these bugs because they are hard to detect and they multiply rapidly. 

Here are some of the natural ways to take care of your petite enemy:

Using Tea tree oil bed bug spray

The insecticidal properties of tea tree oil make it an effective and natural insect repellent that aids in getting rid of bed bug infestation. Tea tree oil has anti-allergic and antiseptic properties that aids in curing the allergic reactions caused by bed bugs.

Lavender and Peppermint oil pesticide spray

The insect-repellent properties of lavender oil are toxic for bed bugs and it helps to destroy insect eggs and larvae whilst repelling bed bugs. Peppermint oil also has a strong repellent action. A combination of lavender oil and peppermint oil effectively kills off insects.  

Diatomaceous earth (DE) powder

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and safe insecticide which is very effective in killing the bed bugs. It dehydrates the bed bugs by destroying their outer protective membrane. 

A few more tips:

  • Wash the bedding, clothing, curtains, and other washable items in hot water.
  • Fix any cracks or crevices that provide hiding places for bedbugs
  • Clean the entire bedroom and keep it free of clutter. 
  • Wash all the outerwear that may be a carrier of bedbugs.

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