Nilavembu kudineer for relief from all types of fevers and flus

Nilavembu kudineer

Nilavembu kudineer

Listed alongside Kabasura Kudineer in the prevention of Covid-19 is a Siddha decoction which has a proven contemporary history in curing challenging diseases including dengue, swine flu and chikungunya: Nilavembu Kudineer

Nilavembu kudineer is a poly herbal remedy that controls all forms of fever associated with body ache. It treats fever in a systematic way through the healing effects of temperature regulation, inflammation management and body pain relief.

The synergistic effect of this herbal mixture relieves all symptoms of fever, irrespective of its origin. It demonstrates potent antiviral activity against Dengue and Chikungunya viruses.

It is also effective in treating fevers caused in typhoid and malaria, Fever associated with inflammatory disorders, such as cyst or tumors, negates inflammation and decreases body temperature.

WHAT IS Nilavembu kudineer?

Nilavembu is a small plant with wonderful therapeutic properties and has been used in home remedies for a very long time in South Asia. Its botanical name is Andrographis Paniculata, and in English it is called King of bitters.

Nila means soil and Vembu implies neem, the name basically means an herb growing closer to the soil that is as bitter as neem. Nilavembu is very bitter, just like neem.

The first thing that comes to the mind of people who have been following the progress of Siddha medical system after hearing the term Nilavembu is dengue fever, Nilavembu is primarily known for its use in the treatment and prevention of dengue.

Nilavembu Kudineer is a Siddha medicine made from various parts of medicinal herbs. It is a decoction of nine herbs with analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Nilavembu or Andrographis paniculata is the key component of this decoction. It is a bitter tonic and is commonly used for the treatment of fever, liver disorders, jaundice, respiratory diseases, etc.

Many ingredients of Nilavembu is also a cure in diabetics and also commonly used in the treatment of fever, inflammation, arthritis, gastric ulcers, jaundice and general weakness.

This whole mixture can be used as a curative and preventive measure for chikungunya, dengue and other viral fever.


The nine major herbs that make the choorna are:-

Nilavembu: It is commonly regarded as the King of bitter herbs. It is a natural antipyretic herb that reduces body temperature. It removes toxic metabolites produced by pathogens by promoting liver detoxification.

Vetiver: It is a small grass variety popularly known for its fragrance. The unique soothing fragrance is restores health. Its cooling properties provide adequate hydration within the body and alleviate thirst.

It helps to remove pathogenic waste by sweat and urine.

Vilamikkam Ver: This is an extremely coolant herb that helps to minimize body heat both internally and externally. It decreases fever by causing sweating. It is also best known for its anti-inflammatory action, which relieves pain and heat associated with fever.

Sandalwood: It is a sacred plant that is useful in both therapeutic and spiritual practices. Its bitter and soothing properties decrease the temperature of the body in fever. It improves mood and provides a sense of well-being that helps to recover rapidly from fever.

Parpadakam: It’s an antiseptic herb that counteracts septic oxidative stress. It allows sweating to lower the body temperature. It helps in digestion and the proper removal of the ama or undigested food to fully clean from the body.

Ginger: Dry ginger powder increase the secretion of saliva and offer antibacterial protection to the entire digestive system. It stimulates gastric enzyme production to stimulate appetite and digestion.

Peyputhal: This bitter herb is best known for its defense for the liver. In addition to rising fever, it helps to detoxify the blood of harmful bacteria.

Nutgrass: Dry roots of this herb regulate chronic inflammation and reduce fever. Its psycho-somatic stimulating activity improves mental and physical well-being in order to bear the ill-effects of fever

Black Pepper: It neutralizes toxicity and cleanses pathogenic residues of the liver and blood. Its hot potency deactivates microbes and enhances body immunity to prevent the recurrence of fever.


Boil 12.5 grams of powder with 250 ml of water until the decoction is concentrated to 60 ml. Take 30 to 60 ml of this hot decoction twice daily in an empty stomach.

Add honey or palm candy or sweet candy to improve your taste.


Drink 60 ml of the decoction in the morning in an empty stomach.

For children between 11 and 18 years of age 30 ml and the ones even younger 10 ml are recommended.

It is safe of everyone and no side effects have been reported

It is advisable to consult an ayurvedic or siddha physician before you start consuming this product.


  • Cures all kinds of fever
  • Useful in all flu like diseases
  • Can be used as a liver detoxifier
  • Effective in deadly diseases like Dengue, Swine flu, Chikungunya etc
  • Immunity Booster
  • Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial effects


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