Organic India has devised a formula that will act as a one-stop solution for relief from a plethora of diseases and help in complete rejuvenation of the body at the same time please our taste buds with its exotic herbal aroma. This herbal tea can please all sense organs because it has a pleasing color when prepared properly and has a mood-lifting odor. Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger is not only about aesthetics, there probably is no other tea that can match its medicinal benefits and immune protective actions.

Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger is prepared exclusively with herbal ingredients which are sourced from organically cultivated farms. This product is certified for not containing any genetically modified herbal ingredients by the United States Department for Agriculture. This comes in form of infusion bags which are made from degradable fibers without any bleaching. Its exterior packing is also completely made of 100% recycled materials. This shows Organic India’s commitment to offering the best products for its consumers.

All herbs in this product are rich in antioxidants and can help improve immune reactions against invading pathogens. They help eliminate free radicals which cause inflammation in the body. This action helps prevent all kinds of diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungus. It also helps heal from diseases that are caused by microbes. These herbs have an immense anti-germ formula. Sipping this herbal tea regularly keeps the mouth fresh and cleanses the oral region of germs and microbes. They also nourish the cytokines, lymphocytes, and other cells which help fight invading microbes. Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger is an easy to consume powerful immunity booster. This product offers you an opportunity to boost your immunity by just sipping your morning tea!

The presence of efficient herbs like ginger and green tea makes this product one of the best to improve digestion and metabolism. It enhances the absorption of nutrients in the body. It helps eliminate the ama or undigested food residue in the body, this helps prevent a lot of diseases. It thus eases bowel movements and relieves constipation. This herbal tea also helps flush out the toxins which accumulate in the liver. It improves blood flow, promotes weight loss, and can also be beneficial to reduce blood sugar levels.

Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger from Organic India is also effective in relieving a variety of respiratory diseases. It is powered by three varieties of tulsi namely Rama Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and Vana tulsi. This makes it a powerful respiratory health enhancer. It can help relieve the common cold and fever. It is also useful in healing dry cough and sore throat. The power of herbs is also useful in eliminating inflammations that occur in internal organs virtue of the product’s strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemongrass is another major ingredient in this product. Click here to know more about the benefits of Lemon grass.


Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger is one of the most powerful easy to make herbal immunity boosters in the market. In addition to this, it is a potent complete body rejuvenator.

It improves digestion and can alleviate gastritis and acidity.

It is a potent liver detoxifier and helps flush out toxins from the liver.

It enhances metabolism and improves nutrient absorption in the body.

It offers protection from all kinds of respiratory and digestive disorders.

It is better than normal tea/coffee for diabetic patients

It helps improve blood flow.

Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger can relieve common cold

It is also useful to alleviate cough, fever, and sore throat.

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

It has a healing effect on the internal organs and can promote cell regeneration.

It relaxes the mind and provides a positive mood.

It helps in minimizing stress, anxiety, and depression.


Organic India’s Tulsi Green Tea Lemon Ginger is available as easy-to-make infusion bags. All you have to do is infuse these bags in a glass of warm water for three to five minutes. Then remove the bag and your herbal tea is ready. You shall add sugar to taste if necessary.

It is best to consume this product in place of your morning bed tea/coffee on an empty stomach for improved immunity and a pleasant day. It has a unique taste and aura powered by herbal ingredients.

It can be consumed two to three times a day for complete rejuvenation and protection from dangerous diseases.

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