Organic tulsi honey chamomile tea for stress-free day

A cup of tea might not make your entire day stress free but this herbal tea can ensure you don’t carry the stress and anxiety baggage from your previous day or session to the next one. Organic India’s Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea is an ayurvedic medicine that can help relieve stress and refresh your cluttered mind. It enhances the mood and improves your aura which can help boost your productivity. So next time you feel stressed or confused or lost in nothingness (not the spiritual nothingness), you know what you are missing on your kitchen shelf.

Organic India’s Tulsi Honey Chamomile drink is not just a mere mood booster. It has a lot of other medicinal benefits. A combination of honey and tulsi makes this drink a potent tonic to relieve sore throat. Having this tea warm can help reduce pain and discomfort due to tonsils. This product is completely free from caffeine and hence is much better for your health compared to your morning coffee, tea, or flavored milk. 

Organic India’s products are also 100% made from organic ingredients with no added artificial flavors. Tulsi Honey Chamomile contains added natural honey flavor. It is also free from genetically modified products in its ingredients.

Tulsi Honey Chamomile drink is one of the best drinks to have if you lack sleep at night. Sipping a cup of this tea can help improve sleep quantity and quality at night thanks to the presence of chamomile extracts, a daisy-like flower also known as seemai sevvandhi..

So with such high safety profile and a plethora of benefits, Tulsi Honey Chamomile does challenge your normal caffeinated coffee/tea for its place in your morning menu. Do you think your tea or coffee tastes better?  Flavored with honey, herbs and chamomile extract this tea has its own unique herbal flavor with a mood-enhancing aura. Once you fall for it, you might never get back to your normal coffee.


Tulsi is the main ingredient in this herbal immersion bag. This combination combines three distinct tulsi species. The numerous varieties of tulsi present in this product in a unique proportion to boost the nutritional and immunological modifying output are Vana Tulsi, Krishna Tulsi, and Rama Tulsi. This plant’s several species are well-known for their capacity to treat a wide range of respiratory illnesses. They aid in the clearance of mucus discharges accumulated in the lungs as well as the improvement of breathing. Vana Tulsi is very good at strengthening immunological responses to illnesses. All variants aid in the function of lymphocytes and cytokines, which are critical in battling invading infections such as the covid-19 virus. Tulsi can aid in fever alleviation as well as body and joint pain relief It can also be used to alleviate tiredness. Tulsi aids digestion and boosts appetite.

Chamomile is another major ingredient in this product. This flower is highly rated in Siddha and Ayurveda literature for its heart-protecting qualities. It nourishes the heart and prevents cardiac diseases. It also holistically nourishes the digestive system. It improves digestion and metabolism and prevents digestive disorders. It can relieve gastritis and acidity. It has a soothing effect on the digestive system. Chamomile is also a good sleep inducer. It can help improve your sleep quality and quantity, especially if your sleeplessness is due to stress. Yes! Chamomile extracts can help relieve many stress-induced diseases. Studies also suggest this flower might have a beneficial action in helping control blood sugar levels.

The combination of these herbs with natural honey flavor constitutes Organic India’s Tulsi Honey Chamomile tea.

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This drink improves immunity.

It induces a sound sleep

It helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Click here to read more about natural remedies for anxiety.

It is better for the health in long run compared to normal tea or coffee

It is 100% caffeine-free and 100% organic


Immerse an infusion bag of Tulsi Honey Chamomile in 200-300 ml of warm or hot water for three to five minutes. Then remove the bag and consume the herbal drink. Add sugar to taste.

It is advisable to consume this tea at night for sound sleep and in the morning on for bed coffee if you feel confused or stress about the day.


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