Pancha tulasi drops is a tried and tested immunity booster

In India people have used Tulasi plant for boosting their immunity from days immemorial. Pancha Tulasi drops is a mixture of the five variety of Tulasi; Rama Tulasi, Krishna Tulasi, Van Tulasi, Nimbu Tulasi and Sursa Tulasi. This powerful concentrate extracted from these powerful plants help in a variety of functions immunity enhancement, stress relief and anti-viral.

Apart from being regarded as a medicinal herb, Tulasi is also regarded a sacred herb in India and is revered across the country.



Tulasi is rich in Vitamin A, C and K, minerals like Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Zinc which makes it a natural immunity booster. It also has good amounts of protein and fibre. Of these everything except fibre makes its way into Pancha Tulasi Drops making it a very effective immunity enhancer.

T-helper cells and natural killer cells, the key fighters in our immunity system benefits from Tulasi extracts and this means there will be a boost for the speed at which immunity system reacts.

Tulasi detoxifies the body. Its diuretic property decreases uric acid in the body which provides relief to patients suffering from gout.

Ocimunocides A and B in Tulasi results in reduction of stress and balances happiness generating serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Eugenol, a pain relieving agent, in Tulasi also makes it a reliever of pain in the body.

Tulasi is very effective in combating respiratory illnesses like cough and cold. It helps reduce congestion in the chest. Tulasi extracts with honey and ginger is effective in treatment of Bronchitis and asthma.



Rama Tulasi

Krishna Tulasi

Nimbu Tulasi

Sursa Tulasi

Van Tulasi


Percentage of the constituents of each type of Tulasi varies from brand to brand.


  • Pancha Tulasi drops is rich in vitamins that gives it a high anti oxidizing property.
  • It helps muster mucus in Asthma and Bronchitis
  • It is a natural immunity booster with no side effects
  • It slows down the degeneration of cells and hence is an anti-ageing agent.
  • It has anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • It raises the levels of psychological and nervous activity in the body
  • Pancha Tulasi drops relieve inflammation
  • It is a highly reliable anti-septic
  • It has its application in relieving fever, cold, cough and flu like symptoms.
  • It has high carminative properties and relieves flatulence
  • It is a diuretic
  • It calms the skin and senses.
  • It relieves stress caused by mental and emotional conditions as well as poor lifestyle



Tulasi reduces reproductive capacity in women and hence women who plan to get pregnant must be cautious

Tulasi tends to lower blood sugar levels, a warning to diabetes patients

Since Pancha Tulasi drops is a high concentrate is better to avoid consuming directly. It is ideal to add few drops in a glass of water and consume.



Take one or two drops of Pancha Tulasi drops in a glass of water two times a day.


Tulasi helps enhance children’s health. In limited dosages Pancha Tulasi drops are safe for children. Ideally half the dosage of adults is recommended for children.



No side effects have been reported because of the consumption of Tulasi drops.


Pancha Tulasi drops with the goodness of Tulasi plant which has stood the scrutiny of time and provided immunomodulatory impact for thousands of years is the right product to enhance the immunity and secure the health of ourselves and our near and dear ones.


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