Pankajakasthuri anticid liquid

Pankajakasthuri anticid liquid

Pankajakasthuri Anticid Liquid is an ayurvedic tonic prepared exclusively from natural herbal ingredients recommended in the ancient ayurvedic texts. It offers immediate relief from acidity and related disorders like heartburn, indigestion and heartburn. Allopathic antacid syrups are mostly composed of industry extracted chemicals like aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. These syrups are strong bases and also offer immediate relief from acidity but their regular consumption is not recommended even by the allopathic doctors because of their adverse side effects to the digestive system. This is where Pakajakasthuri Antacid liquid comes handy. It is made of natural herbs like pudhina, coriander, nutgrass and caraway which have high potency in restoring the pH levels in the body. This ayurvedic tonic helps neutralize the acidic reactions in the body and restores balance after your favorite chat snacks.

Acidity and indigestion have become omnipresent disorders thanks to our love for acidic snacks and heavy meals. It sure is a problem which is very difficult to overcome given our love for samosas, vada-paavs and gol-gappas. Pankajakasthuri Anticid Syrup helps our body neutralize the adverse effects of these foods without any harmful side effects.


One of the primary ingredients in Pankajakasthuri Anticid Syrup is coriander. This is an herb available in most Indian kitchens. Studies have shown that coriander can be useful in promoting heart health and brain health. It is also rich in anti-oxidants which help improve one’s immunity. Recent studies have also established its benefits in reducing blood sugar levels. A study published in the “National Library of Medicine” by Iranian scientists has scientifically verified the benefits of coriander in improving digestion and relieving acidity.

Chopchini or Parangi Chekkai is another major ingredient which helps improve overall immunity and promotes metabolism. It improves oleation in the body. Pudhina, Nutgrass and Caraway are other major ingredients, all of which are recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for indigestion, acidity and related disorders.


This antacid liquid is primarily constituted of coriander which helps reduce blood sugar levels. It is also completely free from added sugars. Hence this antacid liquid is relatively safe for diabetic patients when consumed under medical supervision.

Pankajakasthuri Anticid Liquid is a one stop solution to indigestion. To improve your digestive health and to get relief from heaviness or tiredness as a result of heavy meals consume one or two table spoon of this ayurvedic antacid liquid.

It helps relieve acidity and related complications immediately without any adverse side effects of chemical propositions in allopathic antacids.

If heartburn and nausea are your problems, Pankajakasthuri Anticid Liquid is the over the counter solution which provides immediate relief.

Gastritis and bloating is immediately relieved on consumption of this ayurvedic syrup.

Pankajakasthuri Anticid Liquid is also useful in relieving many Vata related disorders. It pacifies vata.



It is normally recommended to consume one or two table spoon of Pankajakasthuri Anticid Syrup after meals or whenever one feels uncomfortable.

It is ideal to consume one tablespoon of this syrup after consuming oily or spicy snacks or heavy meals to prevent indigestion and acidity.

If any discomfort is noticed, stop consuming the product and immediately report it to an ayurvedic physician.

For children below 16 years of age, pregnant women and people with poor digestive health conditions it is highly recommended to consume this product only under medical supervision.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients consult a doctor before consumption.

This ayurvedic syrup of completely free of added sugars and is relatively safe for diabetic patients. However diabetic patients are recommended to regularly monitor their blood sugar levels and consult their doctor before consuming this product regularly.


Pankajakasthuri Anticid Liquid is available in all Ayurcentral stores and on our online store.

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