Paripathadhi kadha  KADHA TO COOL YOUR BODY

Paripathadhi Kadha is an ayurvedic formula designed with a unique blend of indigenous herbs to help cool the body, reduce inflammations and promote healthy living.

Most of the disorders that we have in modern times are because of inflammations. A vast majority of modern foods have a hot potency and the lack of balance causes certain conditions. This worsens in summer when the temperature is also high. Many people consume ice creams in summer to cool the body but unfortunately, most ice creams also have a hot potency and add more pressure to the body. If people ever wonder about the possibility of having a one-stop solution that can help balance their hot and cool foods consumption without altering the lifestyle much, here is Paripathadhi Kadha from Sandhu Brothers. It is a powerful coolant which helps cool the body in hot summers and keep inflammation from hot potency foods in check.


Paripathadhi Kadha is not a medicinal cure to the diseases. It is more like a supplement that prevents the condition from happening in the first place. Apart from cooling the body, it is also used to treat measles, chickenpox, burning sensations in the body, and dark circles. It can do all without any side effects because it is a 100% herbal preparation without any added chemicals.



Guduchi or Tinospora is the perfect immune booster and serves as a tonic for the whole body. Guduchi is a common shrub found all over India. The plant has heart-shaped leaves, yellow flowers, and a pea-sized fruit that grows red when mature. Guduchi helps treat digestive disorders like hyperacidity, worm infestation in the stomach, appetite loss and nausea. The root of the plant is used to clear bowel obstructions.  Recent researches show Guduchi can help in the ailment of Liver disorders like Hepatitis. It is useful in treating complications in the spleen. Guduchi helps beat renal calculi and reduces blood urea level. Guduchi helps aid bleeding which occurs as a result of pitta imbalance.

Grape extracts ( Vitis Vinifera) are rich in antioxidants and help treat canker sores,  age-related macular degeneration, hyperacidity, and hay fever amongst other benefits.

Manjistha is astringent in taste and known in ancient Indian medical treatises for its purifying properties in blood. It is also effective in curing gum disease. It controls blood pressure, prevents the development of blood clots and nurtures the blood vessels. It is also reported in urinary tract infections, diarrhea, dysentery, and severe fever.

Licorice is very good for the skin, the hair, and the internal organs. It helps to control the level of blood sugar in diabetes. It is beneficial in minimizing the signs of menopause. It is a strong detoxifier of the liver and helps to clean up contaminants in the body. It is recommended for the prevention of liver disorders such as Hepatitis and Liver Cirrhosis. It’s an energizer, too.

These herbs with a few other cooling herbs mixed in unique proportion make Paripathadhi Kadha a highly effective coolant and a perfect summer supplement.




It is highly effective in pitta pacifying actions, cooling the body, and in promoting digestive functions.

It has high efficacy in reducing the burning feeling in the body before and after fever.

It is a very powerful medication to prevent heat exhaustion and excessive heat during the summer season.

It is also effective in the prevention of dark circles under the eyes and other skin disorders.

It helps treat burning feeling in the stomach after recovery from fever, chickenpox, and measles

It is useful in prickly heat.



It is recommended to consume 2-4 teaspoons twice a day after food




No side effects are reported for this product

It is recommended not to overdose.

If you notice any complications, stop consuming and consult an ayurvedic physician.



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