Why are more and more people choosing ayurvedic medicine?

More than twenty thousand people gathered in a village called Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh to receive their share of a mysterious Ayurvedic Kashayam. None of them were even aware of the ingredients used. Yet all of them believed it will prevent and cure covid-19. The New Indian Express reported that the decoction prepared by a mixture of ayurvedic leaves, nutmeg, green camphor, black cumin, cinnamon, honey and pepper has even cured covid-19 patients with breathing disorders. The news was so wide spread that it forced Government of Andhra Pradesh to initiate action to verify the truth behind the claim. At the time of writing, the Government has announced that it has no objection to the use of this unique Ayurvedic medicine. It consists of an eye drops and an oral decoction. Bonigi Anandaiyah, one of the chief organizers who have been distributing this medicine free of cost of the last one month claimed to the New Indian Express that there were no side effects reported on consumption of this ayurvedic elixir and everyone has benefitted in his knowledge. This story in a nut shell is one of the major reasons why more and more people are choosing Ayurveda. There are other reasons too, read on to find out.

At this point in time we cannot be sure how much of this Krishnapatnam miracle is placebo but most leading print, broadcast and new media outlets have given coverage to this event driving up the demand. People from all over Andhra Pradesh are waiting for their turn to flock this otherwise sleepy hamlet.


Back in March 2020, when PM Narendra Modi first announced a nationwide lockdown to limit the penetration of this disease allopathy had little answers. Advocates of allopathy were still confused if masks were required or not, they had little idea which drugs could be repurposed to treat this new virus and their most fabled idea back in the day “Plasma therapy” has been deemed ineffective as of today by the Indian Council for Medical Research. This is not to disrespect the frontline warriors, many of them who have given it their all to fight this pandemic but it is a discussion about two systems of medical practices. One of which is always pushed to play the younger brother. All the ayurvedic medicines recommended by doctors back in the day including Kabasura Kudineer, Ayush Kwath and other herbal immunity boosters have stood the test of time and continue to help thousands of people recover from covid-19 every day.  The ayurvedic recommendations to manage the spread of covid-19 have also shown its effectiveness

Patanjali’s Coronil kit ran into initial controversies but still has legally established itself as ‘the first evidence based cure for covid-19’. Rs.250 crore worth Coronil kits were sold in just four months of its launch despite allopathic organizations unilaterally declaring the medicine unscientific. As on March 2021, Coronil was out of stock in many stores and continues to be in high demand.

Kubasura Kudineer, originally a Tamil medicine is now a household name all over the country as completed preliminary and limited clinical studies suggest high efficacy in curing mild and moderate cases of covid-19.

AYUSH Ministry has also come up with its own Ayush-64 tablets (Chirakin) which has also been endorsed by the Government of India for treating covid-19. Clevira tablets have also shown clinical efficacy to help in recovery from covid-19.

The list of proven ayurvedic immunity boosters for prevention of covid-19 is too long to be listed in this article.


One of the major reasons which kept people away from Ayurveda was the lack of scientific evidence. Though this notion is still prevalent amongst the masses, it is not the case in reality. The number of researches on Ayurvedic medicines is increasing at a quick pace. Preliminary, molecular and clinical studies were conducted on many Ayurvedic medicines to test their efficacy for Covid-19. 

Kabasura Kudineer, Ayush-64, Clevira and many other medicines have stood the test of science. This helped establish scientific validity for Ayurveda and other indigenous system of medicines.  This has increased the number of people who believe in Ayurveda. The widespread availability of the internet and via the internet the availability of many scientific research papers has silenced the skeptics.


Despite enormous efforts from the Governments at various levels, allopathic treatment continues to be out of reach of the common masses in India. There have been reports of hospitals plundering people of lakhs of rupees for treating Covid-19. Even today, reports of highest rated allopathic anti-covid-19 drug Remdisvir being sold for up to Rs.50000 in the black market is common.

Ayurveda, Siddha and other indigenous systems are light on the pocket and affordable for the masses. Kabasura Kudineer powder packet which can last for days cost just around Rs.100. Clevira and Ayush-64 (Chirakin) tablets are even cheaper. During lockdown when everyone is hit by loss of revenue, Ayurveda offers mental peace and a cheaper, safer option for the ones who have faith in the system.


Ayurveda has its root in the Vedas. It is an ancient science which evolved in this land over the last 5000 years. This is one of the major reasons why many people in India are opting for Ayurveda. Indians are generally patriotic. The love of their motherland and heritage has only increased in India over the best part of the last decade. This love has extended to this ancient system which evolved in this land and has helped the people sail through various diseases which have swept the region from time to time.


Chemical extracts used in allopathic medicines have reported adverse side effects on long term consumption. Though metallurgy of some ayurvedic medicines are still challenged by its skeptics, most ayurvedic medicines are made up of natural herbs, leaves, fruits and vegetables with zero added chemicals. Many ayurvedic medicines do not even use preservatives. 

Amongst the medicinal systems Ayurveda is the least likely to cause adverse side effects.  This is a major attraction to the masses who are increasingly becoming health conscious.


When a system of medicine helps you sail through a pandemic without impacting the pocket much and is also backed by science it is difficult for people to ignore it. It is a bonus that this system is indigenous to the land and is a system of medicine which barely reports adverse side effects. All these factors have contributed to more and more people moving towards Ayurveda!








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