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Phalakalyana Gritha is ghee infused with medicinal, nutritious, and health-enhancing ayurvedic herbs to improve the overall health of the pregnant women and to provide the offspring with all necessary nutrition required for its nourishment. It is a complete tonic for pregnancy to help combat both the physical and mental challenges of pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a challenging period for every family. It is especially challenging for pregnant women because it takes a big toll on her energy levels and overall health. Most women suffer from depression, rashes, gestational diabetes, anxiety and other physical and mental challenges. It is also a time when it is very important for women to be at the best of their nutritional levels and be at as much peace as possible. A highly selective yet nutritious diet chart is normally recommended which becomes difficult to follow in today’s nuclear family times when there are not enough members in the family to take care of pregnant women.  So there is a demand for readymade health tonics which will improve nutrition and nourishment during pregnancy.  Ayurvedic tonics like Phalakalyana Gritha are very useful in improving the health of the mother and child during pregnancy.



Phalakalyana Gritha is made of pure ghee which is processed and enriched with the goodness of extracts from Shatavari Swaras. Shatavari swaras is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties. It is the best tonic for pregnant women because it will relieve inflammations that occur during pregnancy. It also nourishes both the mother and the child with the necessary nutrients. It improves immunity and strength. Women are also advised by ayurvedic doctors to consume Shatavari after child birth to hasten recovery and to improve lactation.

Triphala is the combination of three of the most nutritious and exotic herbs in Ayurveda.  It is a mixture of Viibhitaki, Amalaki, and Haritaki. It is a saptadhatu nourisher and is loaded with nutrients but is not generally advised for pregnant women. But by infusing in this medicated ghee, the benefits of Triphala will nourish both the mother (pregnant) and child (in the womb). 

Ajamoda or Celery is loaded with nutrients like vitamin A and calcium. Both these are highly beneficial during pregnancy.

Haridra or turmeric is almost like a standalone tonic for pregnant women. It helps prevent miscarriage and eliminates birth defects.  For the mother, it helps improve skin health and also increases sleep quantity and quality. Turmeric is an effective immunity booster and thus helps fight infections that are common during pregnancy. It also helps keep diseases like the common cold away. Turmeric can also lower cholesterol levels.

Grapes or draksha has all the vital nutrients required for the development of the baby in the mother’s womb. It is recommended by doctors across systems of medicine for the nourishment of pregnant women. Grapes are loaded with anti-oxidants and hence have high immunity boosting capabilities. Draksha is also a very rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, folate, and fibers. This nutrient-loaded nourishing fruit is also a major ingredient in Phalakanya Gritha

In Ayurveda, Chandana is recommended to prevent pregnancy-related skin rashes and texture deteriorations. Phalakalyana Gritha is powered by two types of Chandana for effective skin health management during pregnancy.



It is primarily indicated as an overall health booster in pregnant women.

Phalakalyana Gritha nourishes the developing child in the mother’s womb and provides it with all necessary nutrients for healthy development within the womb.

It is also indicated to improve the health of the uterus

It is an Endocrinal stimulant.



It is normally recommended to consume 3 to 10 ml of Phalakanya Gritha two times a day with milk



No side effects are observed for this product.

However, it is best to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this product.

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