Profert- f capsules

Profert- f capsules

Profert F capsules are designed with unique herbal and naturally occurring mineral ingredients lifted from ancient ayurvedic texts which have a high potency in improving fertility in women. Poor nutrition from modern food habits has resulted in a surge in cases of infertility. More and more women are reporting fertility issues in their late twenties. This in many traditional Indian families can cause many problems in the family. It is not the woman’s fault but a product of the way our civilization has evolved over the last 100 years but still the women are always blamed especially if it is known via lab tests that they are the reason for a family not getting its progeny. Though the male-centric mentality prevailing across the country should be dissolved, it will not happen overnight. That’s why there is a need to look at solutions that can help improve fertility in our women by providing the necessary nutrients which she misses because of our modern food habits. Profert F tablets are an amalgam of 16 ayurvedic ingredients compounded into a single tablet. This provides all the necessary nutrients to promote a healthy reproductive system in women. These capsules are designed to promote timely ovulation and prepare the body for gestation. 

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Profert F capsules are not marketed as stimulator capsules. It is more a health tonic that improves the chances of conception after intercourse. These tablets are like the holy kheer which was provided to Emperor Dasharatha by Lord Agni in the Ramayana to improve the fertility of his queens. Though the epic in most of its modern renderings does not mention any of the ingredients of the holy kheer, the ingredients in Profert F capsules might be the closest human preparation of that heavenly decoction. So if your premature infertility is denying your deserved progeny, it is highly advisable to consult an ayurvedic doctor and try Profert F capsules under their medical supervision. The powerful female reproductive health-promoting herbal ingredients like ashoka plant extracts, ashwagandha, and shivalinga extracts help improve all facets of the reproductive system and promote healthy ovulation, and increases the chances for pregnancy.

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Profert F capsules help in preparing the female system to receive the spermatozoa and eases its passage to the ovaries. It also promotes the formation of eggs. These capsules are prepared from time-tested ancient ayurvedic ingredients which are comparatively safe for consumption. The product is completely free from lab-made chemicals and artificial ingredients. Though the product contains naturally occurring minerals like yashada bhasma (zinc supplement prepared by a complex ayurvedic purifying process from naturally occurring zinc) which are safe for consumption for up to 10 weeks under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

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Profert F capsules are designed to help in female infertility. It contains herbal ingredients which promote fertility.

It contains powerful saptadhatu nourishers like ashwagandha, shatavari, lodhra and coriander which ensures overall nourishment of the female reproductive system.

Profert F capsules promote timely ovulation which can increase the chances of pregnancy

These herbal capsules promote normal endometrial proliferation and prevent conditions like endometriosis. It can also help in relief from endometriosis.

It helps create the ideal environment in the woman’s body for a healthy gestation.

It helps in relieving infertility caused by unknown reasons.

Profert F capsules provide all necessary nutrients required for the healthy functioning of the female reproductive system and prevent infertility.

These capsules also possess the potential to keep menstrual disorders at bay.


This is a direct action medicine and is recommended to be consumed only under the supervision of an ayurvedic physician.

The dosage can vary depending on your body condition, mental health and environmental setup.

It is normally recommended to consume two tablets a day after food with equal intervals between doses. 


Keep out of the reach of children.

If consuming alongside any allopathic medicines consume the allopathic medicine first and then consume this tablet after a 30-minute interval.

It does not react with homeopathy medicines and is safe to consume alongside.

Do not consume this medicine without consulting an ayurvedic physician.


There are no side effects reported for this medicine when consumed under medical supervision.


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