6 Rasa kashaya is an ayurvedic medicine to enhance a natural immunity

6 Rasa kashaya

6 Rasa kashaya

Vedhika Exports (Tea) Private Limited has packed our grandmother’s cure for all illness –the “Kashaya” to help us lead a healthy and prosperous life. 6 Rasa Kashaya as the name indicates is a product which has all the six major tastes identified by Ayurveda. Including all 6 tastes in our diet is very important to lead a healthy life. Kashaya also acts as a complete body tonic. The ingredients in the Kashaya help nourish all the seven major dhatus or tissues which are essential for complete rejuvenation.


6 Rasa Kashaya- The Original has the following benefits


  • It relieves Common Cold.
  • It clears the throat of harmful microbes and relieves Cough and Sore Throat.
  • It promotes metabolism and aids in digestion.
  • It is effective in relieving head aches and also indicated in Stress relief.
  • When a product is loaded with ingredients which has all six tastes and nourishes all seven Saptadhatus, it obviously has to function as an immunity booster.



 The Kashaya can be consumed as an alternative to you daily tea. It is more beneficial than tea because it contains 0% Caffeine.

 Kashaya is a combination of 15 powerful indigenous spices and herbs. It has no added preservatives or chemicals and is a 100% natural product.

 It has 20 times more antioxidants than Green Tea (which is marketed as a healthy tea). Green Tea also contains 35mg of Caffeine per 200 grams. Kashaya is 100% Caffeine free.

 Since it has all 6 tastes with a pepper finish, it can enhance your mood and rejuvenate your body better than tea.



 One bag of 6 Rasa Kashaya is put in a cup of hot water and left for 3 to 5 minutes. Steep it regularly for better absorption. 

 Kashaya can also be prepared in milk, though the best results of the Kashaya can be experienced when prepared in water.



 Coriander seeds with Pungent and Astringent tastes are one of the ingredients. It can help regulate blood sugars and acts as a cooling agent. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

 Tulsi is one of the best herbs to nourish T-helper cells which are important to fight invading pathogens including Coronaviruses according to a new study.

 Ginger is used to relieve Common Cold and Cough. It is also helpful in improving metabolism and digestion.

 Guduchi is the best immunity booster herb. It helps lower blood sugars and is also useful in improving the Liver health.

 Winter cherry or Ashwagandha is a Saptadhatu nourisher. It enhances the reproductive system and can help prevent disorders like impotency. It also helps regulate menstrual cycles in women. Ashwagandha is effective in neutralizing certain pathogens.

 Turmeric is another ingredient which is common in Indian kitchens. Recent studies have linked consumption of Turmeric to enhanced immunity against a host of pathogens.

 Nutmeg was one of reasons why Europeans started to search for the Spice Islands. Nutmeg can soothe indigestion, strengthen cognitive function and boost skin health. It is also indicated for improving oral health and a plethora of other illnesses

 Cinnamon is an anti-oxidant with sweet, bitter and pungent tastes in one single spice. It stimulates Kapha. It is used to relieve thirst and dryness of the mouth. Cinnamon is known for its ability to stimulate salivation.

Cardamom is mostly used to its ability to enhance the aroma of foods. It has Sweet and Pungent taste and relieves Vata and Kapha. It is good for the heart and helps promote digestion.

Cumin is known for its anti-microbial properties.

Black Pepper has a pungent taste and is indicated in cold and sore throat.

Clove is also a pungent tasting herb which promotes digestion and is also used to improve the flavor of the food.

Licorice is effective to strengthen the body and lower blood sugars.

False pepper and Long pepper are renowned for their anti-microbial properties.

Mace is the other immune boosting ingredient in 6 Rasa Kashaya.

This powerful mixture of such highly beneficial ingredients is why it is better to replace your green tea with 6 Rasa Kashaya – The Original.


The manufacturer promotes this product as a health drink and not as a medicine.

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