Rasnaerandadi kwatha churanam

Rasnaerandadi kwatha churanam

Veda Ayurveda offers Rasnaerandadi Kwatha Churanam which is a unique ayurvedic preparation obtained by mixing more than a dozen highly rated ayurvedic herbs for arthritis and pain relief including the highly-rated rasnadi powder and castor extracts. The name of the product is derived from the two herbal extracts ‘rasna’ and ‘eranda or castor’.

 Rasnaerandadi is more popular in form of kashayam and is available from many other brands. Veda Ayurveda offers this unique ayurvedic elixir in form of a churana or dried powder which provides the user with the opportunity to prepare fresh kwatha (as wet balls) or kashayam (by mixing in water). It is easy to prepare fresh and easy to consume medicated powder for relief from arthritis and other pains.

Our bones begin to degenerate and weaken after the age of 35. Most of us fail to consume the required nutrients to keep our bones, joints, and muscles healthy and fit into our middle ages. Modern eating habits and lap-developed foods have also not helped in this regard. As a result, many of us get one of the arthritis types or other bone degeneration-related diseases as we age. There are many preventive techniques that help keep arthritis and other age-related diseases at bay. Read them here. But if your joints have already weakened and developed pain, Rasnaerandadi Kwatha Churanam is a highly potent ayurvedic which can provide relief from arthritis and related illnesses. Muscles spasms causing pain and sprain are another problem that kicks in as one age. This ayurvedic powder can offer best-in-class relief from such conditions as well.

This product from Veda Ayurveda is made 100% from herbal ingredients which are extracted from plant-based products. There are no artificial ingredients or added chemicals to this mixture. This natural preparation makes it completely free from side effects and relatively safe for long-term consumption. 


Rasnaerandadi Kwatha Churanam is loaded with best-in-class ayurvedic ingredients which nourish the muscles, bones and tissues.

Pluchea Lanceolata or Rasna is the primary ingredient in this herbal composition. This herb is highly rated in Ayurveda for its efficacy in relieving joint pains, headaches, and cold. It is the highest-rated pain reliever in ayurvedic treatments that developed in Kerala. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and is also a powerful Vata pacifier. It relaxes muscle stiffness which occurs due to vata aggravation. It also helps reduce body heat which is the root cause of many inflammatory diseases. It is an amazing pain reliever and is useful in all types of arthritis pain and also in relieving pain that occurs due to sciatica.

Castor extracts are a powerful anti-fungal formula that helps fight inflammation. They are a rich source of beneficial fatty acids. Castor extracts are used in traditional medical systems for their wound healing properties. They also provide relief from indigestion and other gut-related issues. Castor is also a potent pain reliever. Their amazing herb is also amongst the primary components of Rasnaerandadi Kwatha Churanam.

Bala or Sida Cordifolia is an herb used in ayurvedic preparations for its potency to improve our inner strength. Sida Cordifolia nourishes the bones, muscles and also enhances the ojas. It helps in relieving fatigue and tiredness apart from improving inner strength and vitality. The traditional name Bala literally translates to strength. 

Shatavari or Asparagus is a powerful liver detoxifier. It is loaded with multiple essential vitamins. This herb provides a rich dose of vitamin A, C, K and folates. It improves digestion, promotes weight loss and lowers blood pressure. Shatavari also nourishes the bones and muscles. This amazing herb also possesses pain and inflammation relieving properties and hence is an integral part of Ranaerandadi Kwatha Churanam.

Read more about the benefits of Shatavari here.

Himalayan Cedar is a plant whose extracts are used in ayurvedic preparations for their pain-relieving and health-promoting properties. It also is loaded with anti-microbial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger is another pain-relieving herb which is an integral part of this preparation. Click here to read about the benefits of ginger.

These herbs along with other pain relieving ayurvedic herbs compose this ayurvedic medicine.


Stiff Muscles

Joint Pains

Back Pain

Vata Aggravations

Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis



It is recommended to mix two tablespoon of this churanam in 100 ml of warm water and consume after filtering or as directed by the physician.


There are no side effects recorded for consuming this medicine in recommended doses.

Overdose can cause gastritis. If any discomfort is noticed stop consumption and consult an ayurvedic doctor.


This herbal powder is available in our store. Whatsapp at 8884333462 to book yours now!

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