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Owning a salon in the city was my dream and as they say, dreams do come true; I started my salon a few years back and operated it with sheer hard work and grit. Toiling from dawn to dusk, I did not just work on beautifying my customers but would sit there for long thinking about customized services and exclusive perks that could make my salon a hot-shot make-over destination.

After being in the business for a decade now, I can definitely claim my crown to eminence. Decking up hundreds of faces every month, every customer seems to ask me the recipe for their good looks. So, here are some tips that work on all skin types all year round.

1. I recommend my clients to get Ayurvedic body massage either monthly or in a fortnight and offer discounted prices for the same. These rejuvenating sessions not just treat their body with self-love and pamper but also help blood circulation, reduce stress and make the skin glowy and plump.

2. I urge them to use natural products on their skin and only proven products for my salon. Buy natural, I mean products that are pure and do not contain any added chemicals or fillers.

3. Moisturizing is a must for all skin types as it works as a barrier that prevents bad things from getting into the body, but also keeps moisture trapped inside. I highly recommend Brihatri moisturizing lotion  to my clients for its natural base formula and smooth functioning on the skin. Brihatri moisturizing lotion is easily available at any Ayurcentral store.

4. Use a soft gentle moisturizer for make-up or dirt removal from the skin. If you use Brihatri moisturizer than that can do the job.

5. Make it an essential part of my salon and I make sure to get the base correct for a smooth effect and lasting impact. Sticking to Brihatri moisturizing lotion  for the base and using baby powder for the finish does the job for me.


These were some simple beauty hacks from my salon. Hope it would help you in getting that young radiant look every time you step out.

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