Green Milk Sandal Handcrafted Bathing bar is a one of its kind product. It is not machine made and is prepared naturally without any industrial processing with the best sandal for amazing skin nourishment. Become the best version of you by using this naturally prepared ayurvedic bathing bar which when used regularly makes your skin an envy of the damsels. 

Green Milk Sandal Handcrafted Bathing bar has all the benefits of soap. It helps eliminate microbes like bacteria and virus on our skin. It improves skin health. It removes dirt and grease on the skin. It cleanses the body and keeps us fresh. It improves the aroma and aura of our skin. It adds a refreshing odour to our skin. It does not cause any negative impact on the skin. It does every job you expect your soap to do perfectly. It does it better than most of the other bathing soaps in the market and that is what makes this ayurvedic bathing bar a stand out product.

A healthy skin is the first step towards being a confident individual. A healthy skin improves one’s looks and receptivity amongst one’s peers. A positive receptivity improves confidence and brings out the best version of us in our circles and workspaces. We tend to often look towards chemical soaps and shampoos for short term skin health enhancements. This might even be the reason many of us get lost in our midlife melancholies. The short term improvements gained from chemical soaps and creams tend to inverse into a negative chaos in the long run dampening our skin health and confidence. An ayurvedic hand crafted bar will help boost skin health in the short term and keep your skin tight and young even in the long run (compared to chemical soaps). The search for such an ayurvedic product ends here. Green Milk Sandal Handcrafted Bathing bar is that product which will help improve your skin in the short run and keep it equally competitive in the long run. 

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Sandalwood is one of the best skin nourishers in Ayurveda. It has anti-microbial properties which can help eliminate the germs. It is a cooling herb. It helps remove heat and inflammations on the skin. It enriches the skin and soothes it by its cooling effects. Sandalwood can also add a pleasing odor to our skin and significantly enhance the aura and aroma of our skin. Extracts from sandalwood are recommended in Ayurvedic circles for treating a plethora of skin infections. It helps eliminate acne marks, minimize inflammatory scars and remove unwanted marks on the skins. Its cooling effect also helps keep pimples and acne at bay. Mixed in a soap base, sandalwood has the potential to wash off sweat droplets that get deposited on the skin.

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Green Milk Ayurvedic Sandal Handcrafted bathing bar is powered by the cooling and anti-tanning properties of sandalwood. It also enhances the cell regenerative capacity of the skin. These properties combine and help prevent sun tan even when exposed for a fair amount of time to the hot sun. There are other products which offer protection from sun tan but most of them are chemically prepared and can cause adverse long term effects on the skin. On rare cases such chemical products can become one of the reasons for skin cancer. Green Milk Sandal soap prepared naturally from safe ingredients is relatively 100% safe for the skin and offers almost equal protection from sun tan compared to other products from the same niche.


This naturally prepared soap is a potent anti-ageing product. It helps keep the skin young and refreshing always. On long term regular use you will notice your skin looks younger and more tighter that your peers who used chemical soaps. So to be youthful for a longer period switch to Green Milk Sandal soap now! This soap will also help aged people with wrinkled skin get a slightly enhanced skin on continuous use. Elderly people can click here to read more on ayurvedic health tips.


A bath with Green Milk Sandal Handcrafted bathing bar before an interview or personality test can help boost your performance in them. Though other factors will decide the outcome, the enhanced aroma and mood of bathing with this natural soap can act as a powerful confidence booster. Of course we are not asking you to count exclusively on this bathing bar for your success. Like how you select your dresses for the occasion, selecting the right soap to bath for the occasion will also have an impact on the outcomes of that occasion.


Protection from Sun tan

Prevents Acne, Pimples and Rashes

Provides a smooth, soft and flawless skin

Improves skin texture and pigmentation

Improves skin cell regeneration

Cleanses the skin and eliminates germs and dirt with high efficacy

100% safe for all kinds of people, of all age groups, who are not allergic to soap

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