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Do you remember the ad where the mother hides vegetables in the pizza so her child could get some nutrition?

Well, that’s me!

From vegetable Maggi to masala oats, healthy pancakes to the boiled stew I tried every recipe they share on health forums. But, my little one trace down every single molecule of the greens and just refuses to eat.

With no option left, I have to give in and bring home what he wants…

He literally binges on every unhealthy thing available on this planet, from finger chips to cheese burst pizzas, burgers and fries, and the street foods. His latest fantasy for the summers has been the colored cold drinks blended with extra ice.

Now, this was something that really got me concerned. Every day I come across a ton of messages, DIY facts and medical studies that scream that cold drinks or sugary soda are as bad as alcohol, from obesity to diabetes to liver diseases and what not!

The whatsapp forwards, Instagram posts, FB feeds and even the health sites that I subscribed said the same thing again and again. I knew I had to do something.

This time I did not try the old methods of nagging and scolding. I simply kept a bottle of Sarsaparilla Sharbet prepared with S.N. Pandit’s Sarsaparilla ( sogade berina sharabattu)10 ml syrup blended with water and lemon in the fridge. I did not lecture him about its endless benefits or told him about its ancient heritage.

He took a sip of this new drink and asked me what it was. I simply said it’s just another fancy summer drink I got from the store. He gulped down the whole bottle at once and asked me to get more of this.

The next day he brought some of his friends home and boasted about the tasty summer drink that we got!

I was finally relieved that he gave up on the cold drinks and replaced it with the amazing Ayurvedic tonic Sarsaparilla!

I personally recommend S.N. Pandit’s Sarsaparilla, not only because its seven decades old company but the original taste and quality that they provide is unmatchable.

S.N. Pandit’s Sarsaparilla is widely available in all Ayurcentral stores. You can also get it online Here.

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