Sarsaparilla saved my summers!


Spicy has always been my style of food, the flavour, the feel, I just loved it! 

But because of the little blisters all over my mouth, I had no choice but to switch to dull, non-spicy food.

My wife was shocked to see this sudden switch from the red spicy delicacies to the non-spicy, non-oily lifeless food.

When I told her about my ulcers that I have been getting on and off from the past one month, she immediately went to Dr. Google and typed in the symptoms.

From mouth ulcer to mouth cancer, within 30 minutes I was diagnosed with the probability of a life-threatening disease and within 60 minutes my death was sealed!!!

I am sure Google must be a woman, from completing my sentences to predicting my life it can literally kill me with stress 

Google’s advice created havoc. My wife cross-checked every possible risk listed from chewing tobacco to checking on my family’s health history and it drove me nuts.

From multi-specialty hospitals to specialized doctors and a series of tests, everyone gave a green light to my health but my wife was not convinced because the ulcers kept coming back.

When I shared my plight with my Sardar friend, he told me it could be because of the heat as his cousin too had the same problem. Because of the ulcers, he drinks Sarsaparilla throughout the summers to keep his system cool. My friend suggested me to visit an Ayurcentral store.

I visited my nearest Ayurcentral store and they too recommended Sarsaparilla for my ulcers. The herbal tonic prepared from Sareeva, saffron and elaichi   extracts aids many health benefits, from soothing skin troubles to boosting digestion it is indeed the summer syrup everyone must have.

I got SN Pandit’s Sarsaparilla from Ayurcentral and finally, it cured my ulcers and saved me from my wife’s diagnosis and treatments.

I could not thank Ayurcentral and SN Pandit’s Sarsaparilla enough for saving my summers!

You can get SN PANDIT’S Sarasaparilla from your nearest Ayurcentral store or just order it online by CLICKING HERE…

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