Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion For Skin

Our skin is like a little toddler that craves for attention, pampering and coddling; and it never fails to throw a tantrum when left unchecked. While for some the skin can be generally well-behaved and self-maintained, for some it’s very sensitive. No matter what the skin type, inflammation, allergy, redness or puffiness can blanket the beauty any day.

I recently had my encounter of worse acne and eventually went overboard on acne treatments using all the harsh ointments and soaps thus banning my skin with red, peeling mess. Every cream, ointment or moisturizing lotion that I picked just made it worse and made me feel like the face is on fire. Loading up on chemical exfoliant and harsh acne treatment, I ruined my skin for good.

It was during one such episode of inflamed skin that I came across Brihatri moisturizing lotion. The calming nature and cooling feature of Aloevera and Green tea extracts immediately soothed my burning skin. Being an Ayurvedic product I had the confidence of its gentle impact and no adverse effects —which was my primary focus, as I can hardly imagine my angry face turning into a red monster by a side effect of some costly cosmetic.

Brihatri moisturizing lotion caught my attention for its natural contents, great reviews and perfect solutions to my skin problems. It inhibits the production of pro inflammatory prostanoids by blocking cyclooxygenase activity thus have a soothing effect on inflamed skin. Its anti-oxidants take the redness down a few notches within a day while the cooling effect calms the senses. It’s comforting scent and non-sticky gel just adds to the glamour.

Brihatri moisturizing lotion has been my go-to solution ever since, not just for inflammation but as a daily winter care that protects the skin from the winter chills or sun grills.

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