Cutting your daily sugar intake can never be easier! Yes, Chromachemie has come up with a product whose features are mind-blowing! If you are a diabetic patient who is missing those “sweet” days or a fitness enthusiast working to cut down on your daily sugar intake, “Swee10” is your answer! This is an amazing product designed scientifically with natural ingredients from ancient ayurvedic texts which have absolutely zero calories. Yes! You read that right! Zero Calorie sugar is a reality!

Swee10 gives you a sweet taste without disturbing the flavor of your food. It clicks all the taste boxes of sugar but leaves all its negative sides blank. Swee10 tastes like sugar but has no post-digestive taste! It is completely devoid of calories. It has no side effects and is approved by the Food Safety and Standards Association of India (FSSAI). The manufacturer(Chromachemie) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with state of art labs and hi-tech research facilities which helps manufacture Swee10 with all hygiene and safety standards with an absolute focus on your health and wellbeing.


This product is a result of years of research to find a healthier alternative to sugar to help in tackling the global diabetic and obesity pandemic. Extracts from Stevia leaves is the most important ingredient in Swee10. It contains no chemical or artificial ingredients. This product is made in India.



Stevia is an indigenous plant that is widely available in the Indian Subcontinent. It is also known as Madhupatra in Sanskrit. Ancient Ayurvedic doctors have used this plant for its anti-aging and anti-microbial properties. The medicinal and magical value of this plant was well known to Indian and that might be why in many languages the name for Stevia literally translates to sweet tulsi. Tulsi is considered the holiest plant in India and has a plethora of medicinal properties. Stevia is known as Meeti Tulsi in Hindi. Stevia leaves contain no calories and this makes it possible to prepare an alternative for sugars that has a sweet taste but is free of sugars and calories.


Stevia is the primary ingredient in Swee10. Swee10 is prepared from natural and herbal ingredients which are completely devoid of chemicals and other artificial agents. Hence it is absolutely safe to use for a life with no side effects or fear of bad health.


Mata Amritanandamayi, a prominent spiritual leader from South India once said “Our resolve to exercise control will only be tested when food is on the table.” Going by this quote, every day is challenging for people with diabetes. The ones who are used to sweetened Tea and other drinks have had a miserable time trying to adapt to dietary recommendations. For such people who are craving to taste sweeter things on a daily basis but their pancreas keeps letting them down, Swee10 is a super boon straight out from the heavens! Swee10’s zero-calorie and zero sugars without compromising on sweet taste is the news you ever wanted to hear. Sweeten your drinks with Swee10; enjoy the sweet taste without worrying about the negative effects on health because this drink is all about positivity. Consult your doctor if you do not trust us, they sure will have only positive things to say about Swee10.

So for diabetic patients, it is time to sweeten your lives again with Swee10!



Is your post-workout health drink adding too much carbs and calories to your body? Are the calories you sweated out with hours of hard work getting replaced by your favorite health drink? It definitely feels better to have a drink that tastes sweet than to have one that tastes raw but the sugars…..


Swee10 has answered it for you!

Now you can sweeten your drink without any added calories or sugars. The calories lost in your workout sessions will no longer be refilled from your health drinks. Swee10 makes your drinks tastier and life healthier. It has value for your workouts! It surely is the best complement to your fitness regimes.




Swee10 is made from Stevia leaves and comes with no calories, chemicals or side effects yet it tastes sweet. What more can a health-conscious person ask for?

If you are trying to beat obesity, this is the must-have product on your kitchen shelf. It is free of Dextrose, Isomaltose or Maltodextrin. It can be added to any food that you prepare and will always be a better health alternative than sugar!

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