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Jalaneti is an ancient practice which is hailed by health experts across streams from Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, and Naturopathy hailing it as the best practice for Nasal hygiene and to clear the nostrils of dangerous pathogens. Doctors from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, who are on the forefront of Pune’s fight against Covid-19, have claimed this ancient practice coupled with other precautionary measures has protected them from the deadly virus.

In short, it is a practice of running water into a nostril with the face tilted to one side allowing the water to flow out through the other nostril while breathing through the mouth, ideally in a cross-legged sitting or standing position. A detailed description is given below.

It might seem daunting in the first read but it definitely is not as difficult as it looks. All you need is the right Nettie pot to help regulate the flow of water.



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Jalaneti is the practice of cleansing the nasal passages of all dirt and unwanted microbes with water.




  • Neti pot
  • Water
  • Salt


How to do Jalaneti?

The water should be of body temperature.

1 teaspoon of salt shall be dissolved in 1 liter of water

This shall be filled in the Neti pot

The head shall be tilted over a washbasin and water be introduced into the upper nostril through the neti pot, It will flow out through the lower nostril. Practice this slowly and gently for 40 seconds

Breathing should happen via the mouth, it is important to keep the mouth open to ensure water doesn’t run into one’s ears.

After you stop introducing water, it will still continue to flow through the other nostril for a few seconds.

Once this done blow out your nostrils one by one, closing the other nostril with your fingers.

Inhale through the mouth and exhale by blowing through the nose to flush out all remaining water.

Once you have cleared the nostrils of water fill the pot again and do the practice in the opposite direction.

After the practice, it is very important to clear the nose of all water


Benefits of Jalaneti

  • If done properly, helps in sinusitis and migraine
  • It shall alleviate dry coughs and Throat infections including tonsils.
  • If done in the morning before meditation, It helps improve the quality of meditation,
  • Helps anger management, relieves stress and brings clarity to the mind like most other yoga practices.
  • Improves breathing and removes all dirt and bacteria in the nasal cavity and passage



The nose should be dried properly after the practice

Water must not be left in nasal passages as it might cause infections

In case you feel sleepy or drowsy, do the practice by standing upright

High blood pressure patients should be cautious, it is advised to get medical advice before you practice, In fact, it is best for everyone to learn the technique from a learned master and get your doctor’s approval before you practice so that you don’t do it wrongly and land in trouble.

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