The science of ageing – Reversed

Just like a child doesn’t worry about earnings, a girl in her twenties doesn’t worry about ageing. Riding the glory of my successful career, I was just starting to fly, fly like a carefree bird out in the open and in high. Life was all about the moment, the now and here until I was stuck with fear.

Striving through the week quenching for excellence, I would wait for the weekend to treat my soul with sweet retreats. The wild parties, the casual affairs, the healthy flirting all well and fair, life was sorted or so did I think. But it was the mirror that held me by my gut and showed me the ugly truth.

My hair started greying uncontrollably. Though hair fall and dandruff were my occasional visitors, but this was something permanent, something forever. Looking at the mirror, I simply panicked, picking the greys one by hair to pluck or count.

A zillion thoughts crossed my mind, some of deadly diseases or a mighty curse, some fancy stories weaved in my head and an unkind future unfolded. I could barely sleep the night with all the thoughts turning sixty in my twenties.

The next day, I rushed to my nearest Ayurcentral clinic for a natural remedy to reverse this premature ageing. The Ayurvedic doctor took an account of my entire body and lifestyle before he scribbled some words in his white pad.

The stress of my job and the unhealthy food were to blame for the plight, but he said there is a way we can fight. He taught me some yoga, meditation, jotted a chart for healthy diet and prescribed BrihatriAshwagandhadiLehya for regular consumption.

Along with this, the doctor advised me regular oiling (with mahabhrigarajataila)and application of onion juice on the scalp once in a fortnight. I walked the words of the doctor and finally the science of my ageing was reversed successfully.

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