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Trivrut Lehya As A Laxative, Preparation, Usage, & Precautions

Trivrut Lehya

Ayurveda is the age-old system of healing and purifying life on earth. It is a holistic method that nurtures life and unfolds the natural secrets to achieve a disease-free body. The mystic formulations of Ayurveda are believed to be obtained as a blessing from the “creator” himself. And it has been meticulously scripted in the hymns of the Vedas that serves as a treasure-house of knowledge and wisdom.

The mystic formulation curated almost 5000 years old is relevant even today and the efficacy of Ayurveda has garnered worldwide acceptance and repute as one of the best ways of treating ailments. 

Ayurveda strongly believes that the root causes of many problems are rooted in the functioning of the digestion system of the body. It focuses on the elimination of wastes and detoxification of the body which play a great role in keeping the body healthy and free of diseases. Colon cancer is one of the major consequences of irregular bowel movement as it facilitates the accumulation of toxins in the body which is very harmful.

To keep the body healthy, moving the bowel once or twice a day is a must. The Ayurvedic formulation Trivrut Lehya aids in accomplishing this task.

Features of Trivrut Lehya
Lehya means a semi-solid mixture that can be consumed directly. It is used in Virechana, which is part of Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Panchakarma is one of the oldest methods of cleansing the body of toxins through the use of Ayurveda.

Trivrut Lehyam falls under the purgative treatment of the panchakarma. It is a herbal medicine mainly effective in treating constipation and heart diseases.

Trivrut Lehya is an amazing decoction for easing bowel movement and treating constipation problems. It is also apt at relieving pain in patients suffering from piles. The natural ingredients of this product have been proven to fight against constipation.

It is very good for the heart and helps it to function at its optimum.
Trivrit Lehyam Ingredients:

The main ingredient of this lehya is Trivrit powder. Other important ingredients such as cinnamon, cinnamon leaf, cardamom, honey, etc. are used to prepare this product. The fuse of all these potent natural products is heated to form a semisolid mixture. The mixture is then allowed to cool. As it is prepared with all-natural ingredients and without the use of artificial preservatives, it is considered safe and does not show any harmful side effects.

To be taken after food and before bedtime with honey, milk, or warm water.
This medicine should be taken strictly under medical supervision only.
The dosages are usually tailor-made varying from person to person. So consulting an Ayurvedic doctor before administering the lehya is highly recommended.

The dosage varies from person to person based on strength of the digestive system.
Slight overdose may lead to severe diarrhea.
This lehyam is not to be taken by the old, the sick or pregnant women without the specific prescription of an ayurvedic specialist.

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