Varuni thailam- ayurvedic medicine for parkinson’s disease

Varuni thailam

Do you think Ayurveda has no options to help manage Parkinson’s disease? Well, if yes, you have underestimated this 5000 year old medicinal practice in which knowledge is accumulated since civilization began in this part of the world. There are various practices, medicines and meditation techniques recommended for Parkinson’s patients by Ayurvedic practitioners. In today’s blog we will look at the efficacy of one of the most recommended Ayurvedic preparations for the management of Parkinson’s disease. How effective is Varuni Thailam for Parkinson’s patients? Read on to find out!


For General readers, let us first briefly understand what Parkinson’s disease is.

Parkinson’s disease develops as nerve cells, or neurons, in a region of the brain that regulates movement become damaged and die. Normally, these nerves release dopamine, a vital neurotransmitter. As neurons die or become damaged, they contain less dopamine, resulting in Parkinson’s complications. Scientists are also unsure about what causes dopamine-producing cells to die.

 Parkinson’s patients may have a loss of nerve endings that contain norepinephrine, the primary chemical carrier of the sympathetic nervous system, which regulates certain automatic functions of the body, such as heart rate and blood pressure. The lack of norepinephrine can help explain some of Parkinson’s non-movement symptoms, such as exhaustion, erratic blood pressure, reduced movement of food through the digestive tract, and a rapid drop in blood pressure when standing up from a seated or lying-down posture.

While some Parkinson’s cases tend to be inherited, and a few may be linked to certain genetic mutations, the condition appears to strike at random and does not appear to run in families in the majority of cases. Many experts already agree that Parkinson’s disease is caused by a mixture of genetic and environmental causes, such as toxicity exposure.


Varuni Thailam is a medicated ayurvedic oil which is prepared by dissolving extracts from bitter cucumber or colocynth and other rare herbal extracts in sesame oil. It is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease by Ayurvedic practitioners.

Amongst the six major tastes identified in Ayurveda, bitter is considered the most essential. All tastes, be it sweet, sour or bitter are made up of one or more of the panchabhootas or five basic elements. Ether or Akash element is available only in bitter rasa. Hence bitter is considered the most medicinal taste in ancient ayurvedic texts. Colocynth tastes bitter and hence is called as bitter cucumber or bitter apple. It is light, dry, and easy to digest and also has the potential to enter deep tissues and nourish.

Colocynth balances Kapha and Pitta but the ayurvedically prepared Varuni Thaila balances all Tridosas. This also makes it a highly efficient immunity booster and disease destroyer.


A Study by researchers from Mysuru titled “EVALUATION OF EFFICACY OF VARUNI TAILA (CITRULLUS COLOCYNTHIS SCHARD) IN KAMPAVATA WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO PARKINSON’S DISEASE-A COMPARATIVE CLINICAL STUDY” published in the “World Journal for Pharmacy and Pharmceutical Science” has scientifically established Varuni Thailam as an effective medicine for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease when administered along with another drug called “L-Dopa”.

Though future researches can establish a clearer picture, the available studies do suggest that the ancient ayurvedic knowledge of Varuni Thailam can indeed help improve the symptoms in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


It is normally recommended to consume 5 to 10 ml of this oil along with food twice a day.

It is best to consult an ayurvedic physician to know get a personalized dosage.

It is advisable to not consume this product without medical consultation. 

For external tremors apply the oil gently over the hands, neck, feet or wherever tremors are felt.


While applying oil to the feet make sure the oil is washed off with warm water or wiped off with a cloth else you might slip while you walk. 

Varuni Thailam is slippery oil and hence proper care should be taken not to spill the oil on the floor.

It is recommended not to use this oil at the time of Pregnancy without consulting the doctor.

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