vibha hair cream to get the hair of your dreams by kotakkal ayurveda

vibha hair creamvibha hair cream

Kotakkal Ayurveda has developed a hair cream to arrest hair fall and reverse grey hairs exclusively out of ingredients and combinations are chosen out of ancient Ayurveda texts.

If you are amongst those who don’t like to apply oils to your hair yet would love to have a remedy to help reduce your hair fall or slow down the greying of your hair you are at the right place!

Kotakkal Vibha Hair cream is a simple solution to people who do not like to use chemical shampoos on their hair and are also too lazy to apply oils and wash them later. With this hair care cream, all you have to do is apply it thoroughly on the scalp and the cream will do the rest!

Vibha hair care cream constitutes of four major herbal ingredients, all of which are renowned to improve hair health.

INGREDIENTS Of vibha hair cream

NEELINI – Neelini or Indigo is the primary ingredient in Vibha hair cream. It is mentioned in the 1500-year-old ayurvedic treatise Charaka Samhita for its anti-graying and anti-hair fall properties.

The paste from the leaves is used to heal wounds. It has high antiseptic and anti-microbial properties which will help in the prevention and cure of dandruff due to fungal infections.

This extract will also improve the health of the scalp.

It is one of the few ingredients which are indicated in hair fall yet have a hot potency.

This will help in balancing the cold potency of other ingredients making the product applicable even in colder seasons.

In Vibha hair care cream a paste made of Neelini leaf extracts is used.


Amalaki or Indian Gooseberry is almost a constant in all hair care products that come from Ayurveda.

Highly rich in antioxidants and all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for hair health, amla can help reduce hair fall, stimulate hair growth in bald patches, reverse greying of the hair and strengthen your hairs. It also helps to fight against split ends and hair breakage.

Paste made from dried Amla fruits are used in Vibha hair cream. Amla retains almost all nutrients in dried form hence the goodness of amla is fully loaded in this hair cream.


False Daisy is more popularly known as Bringaraja (and as Karisalankanni in Siddha records) is the most recommended herb in Indian system of medicine to eliminate baldness and improve hair health. No hair care treatment from Ayurveda is complete without the application of Bringa.

This plant has the potential to even reverse baldness which occurs due to hereditary, though scientific studies for this are still incomplete.

False daisy also helps to soothe the scalp, helps in dandruff, prevents greying and strengthens the hair.

Extracts from whole plants of Bringaraja are made into a paste and used in Vibha hair cream.


Coconut Oil is the most recommended oil for hair health in Ayurveda and Siddha systems.

The effectiveness of coconut oil is so significant that it is called Kerathailam in South Indian language Malayalam literally hair oil, Keram is used for denote both coconut and hair.

This cooling oil will relieve heat in your scalp and nourish the pores encouraging hair growth and relieving baldness.

Coconut Oil is indicated for shinny hairs, healthy scalp and thickening of individual hair strands.

This oil is also added cream base along with the other three ingredients to constitute Vibha haircare cream! No wonder it has the potential to be a panacea for hair problems.


After hair wash, dry the hair and apply Vibha haircare cream thoroughly. It can be left on the hair till next wash.


No Side effects have been reported for this product


There are no specific precautions; this product is safe for everyone. Do not use only if you have serious cuts or wounds on the scalp.

Two common preservatives are used in this product. They are Sodium Methyl Paraben and Sodium Propyl Paraben. This does not impact the efficiency of the product.


  • Hair fall
  • Premature Greying
  • Hair breakage
  • Shiny hair
  • Scalp care


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