When stress slashed my sex life

when stress slashed my sex life

Testimonial by: Anusha Patil



I am a senior software developer and my husband is the manager of the same company. We have been married for 15 years and blessed with a 10-year-old little girl.  Being in the same profession we understand each other, respect each other and have a lot to talk to each other. 


It has been absolute bliss to be married to this man. And this love and respect always gleamed in the steam of our bedroom. The sex with my man was the best!

But off late as he got promoted to senior manager, his responsibilities increased drastically. Added to that was the hit of economic slowdown which sagged a lot of employees further increasing the workload on each.


My husband juggled in the office till late and night and I had to hold the pillar at home alone plus manage my responsibilities at work. Stress crept in and sex went out of the window. It has been months now and we don’t even have the stamina to make love.

Last weekend, my husband visited his school friend who told him about BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi lehya. BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi lehya is a natural stress buster, libido booster and mood enhancer. 


BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi lehya is famed to endow one with the power of a horse. On the way home, he bought one from the AyurCentral store.


I saw the bottle on the dining table and read the contents on the package.  It was all I needed.


One tea-spoon and the magic happened! We are back on the bed humping and bumping!


If you are facing the same set of problems BRIHATRI Ashwagandhadi lehya is your savior!

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